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Why does he hate DotaPod? COMMUNITY NEWS | Jul 13, 2011 | sprion

After I announced that we have reached 120,000 members, seems like it generated quite a stir with some people. Check out this thread on Gosugamers:


I suppose the user does not know Zion/Zincplay or DotaPod has been around almost as long as Garena, and the biggest difference is, DotaPod is built during my free time - by one person.

Even new/recent platforms like Dotalicious and Ranked Gaming Client (RGC) would not have become what they are without my help. Emmeran and Sir Roger, creators of the above platforms, have both consulted me regarding connection issues and tricks, just to allow users to connect to games. And long long time ago during the time of Zion/Zincplay, there was YAWLE, Lancraft and stuffs.. Guess what, I was involved too!

Now back to the question.. Why does he hate DotaPod?

Whatever it is, I believe DotaPod is [b]one of the coolest websites around[/b]. Not only can you play games, create games, join, chat, post on forum, connect and make friends... the coolest thing is.. it all happens in your browser. Now which platform does that?

Maybe someone should tell him what DotaPod is about.. and stop hurting our feelings!

My goal is to create the world's friendliest place to play DotA~ Join me if you can!

PS: This is our first Community News post :)

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