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FAQ and Support

Q: System Requirements

You can use the Check My PC tool to check your system, or see below for details.

This is the list of system requirements:

  1. Java JRE 5 (1.6+) with Java Web Start. (Download Java | Do I have Java?)
  2. Modern web browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox recommended.
  3. Internet connection – broadband is best.
  4. For smooth gameplay we recommend a computer with at least a 1GHz processor, 256 MB RAM and of course a copy of the Warcraft III: TFT game.
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Q: Join a Game

Click above to play video


  1. First, select a Game you would like to join, by clicking on it.

  2. Hit the 'Play' button.

  3. You may receive a dialog, asking you to download a file. Select 'Open/Run' with the Java Web Start launcher.

    (Need help?)

  4. If successful, the Java Web Launcher will run.

    (Need help?)

  5. Start Warcraft, and head to the LAN area.

  6. Join the Game and play! (LAN latency)

Graphics courtesy of Jilizartt

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Q: Create a lag-free Game

For the best experience, we recommend getting a personal DotA Game Server.
  1. Start Warcraft.

  2. Head to LAN area.

  3. Select 'Create' and pick your map.

  4. Head back to > Play Online > Private > Create

  5. Hit 'Create' and enter your IP. You may specify a game version if it's not the latest. Note that only users of the same version can join your game.

  6. If everything is successful, your game will be added to the Gamelist on the Welcome and Private pages!


See Also:
Oops! Unable to find game. Please check your game, version and/or try again.
How to configure my router to host
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Q: Can I play maps other than DotA Allstars?

Of course you can!


Remember this:
You can play all games on the website that you can think of! Tower defense, Lord of the Rings, Naruto, Dragon Ball etc.


Only DotA games are recorded, and its statistics kept for its players. DotaPod is primarily focused on DotA games, to keep user stats and raise the standard of gameplay.

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Q: Will my skill level affect the games I can play?

No. You can play any games, except those that are TOO hard or TOO easy for your level. In the case when there are insufficient players, your skill level will not matter. We just want to play, ya?
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Q: My game is laggy, what can I do?

Make sure you join the games nearest to you. Creating your own games can also ensure a lag free experience.
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Q: Trouble with downloading & opening Game Connection

If you are having difficulties, right after clicking on the 'Play' button to join a game, you may not have the latest Java JRE installed.


As of now, DotaPod requires Java JRE 5 (1.6+) with Java Web Start.


Download Java | Do I have Java?

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Q: Application Blocked by Java Security

Your security setting is preventing DotaPod from running.


  1. To resolve this, open the Java Control Panel.

    (See: More ways to open the Java Control Panel)

  2. Select 'Security' > 'Edit Site List' ..

  3. Add '' to the Exception Site List.


That's it! You can now try to join a game on DotaPod without security issues.


More ways to open Java Control Panel

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Q: Unable to see/join game in LAN

Make sure your firewall/antivirus is turned off or configured so that Java & Game can access the Internet.


Make sure your Game is patched to the correct game version. See: Warcraft Latest Patch


Comodo Firewall conflicts with Java! Read problem & solution.


Try restarting your computer, to reset everything, if it still does not work.


If all else fails, make a post, clearly describing the problems, what you have done, the error messages, and your current system set up, in the Help & Support forum


An example post would look like this:
"No game in LAN

I have followed all the steps in the Help pages but still cannot see the game in LAN. I have turned off my firewall, patched my Warcraft to the compatible version, restarted my computer. I am using Windows Vista, ZoneAlarm firewall, and am behind a Wireless router. When I join a game, the 'Game Connection' opens but I do not see a game in LAN. Please help! Thanks

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Q: How to configure my router to host?

Before anything, it is always advisable to disable Antivirus and Firewall when playing games. Re-enable them after the games. This is because they can slowdown your gaming experience and cause problems such as the inability to host/join games.


Here's how to configure your router


1. Find out the Manufacturer, Model of your router.


2. Select the Router from this page and click "Click here to skip this advertisement..." at the TOP RIGHT to go to the instructions page. .


3. Follow the instructions, that's it!

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Q: Oops! Unable to find game. Please check your ...

Make sure you chose the right Warcraft/Game version when hosting.

Also, if you are behind an antivirus/firewall or router, make sure you disable them *OR* have port forwarded the necessary ports.

See: How to configure my router to host
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Q: Unable to launch the application

When you try to join a game, and open the Game Connection (dotapod.jnlp) file, you get the following message:

First, try turning off your antivirus/firewall and see if it works. If it does, configure your antivirus/firewall to allow DotaPod/Java the necessary permissions, or turn them off whenever you are playing games. (Remember to turn them back on later!)

If the above does not work, let's investigate. Click Details.

If the More Information window displays the following error message, the problem is caused by an unsupported version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the JRE settings that do not allow to download and install the supported version of the JRE:

The application has requested a version of the JRE (version 1.5.0+) that currently is not locally installed. Java Web Start is unable to automatically download and install the requested version. This JRE must be installed manually.

If the More Information window displays the following error message, the problem is caused by the JRE settings not allowing temporary Internet files to be saved on the computer.

Cache must be enabled for nativelib or installer-desc support.

These messages can occur in the following situations:
  • Your browser system does not have direct access to the Internet.
  • You are accessing the Internet through a proxy server, but you have not configured your browser or the Java Web Start (JWS) application correctly.
  • Your browser system has an unsupported version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed.
  • Your JRE settings do not allow temporary Internet files to be saved on your computer.

To resolve this problem, complete the applicable procedure:

For Internet Explorer

Complete the following steps:
- Make sure that you have installed all software updates for the version of Internet Explorer that you are using. Use Windows Update to access software updates for Internet Explorer.
- Click Tools > Internet Options > Advanced. Make sure that Do not save encrypted pages to disk is NOT selected.

For a browser system with Java v6.0 or later installed

Complete the following steps:
- Start the Java Web Start (JWS) application.

For Linux Type javaws at a command prompt. The javaws.exe file is located in the directory path where you installed the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
For Windows Open Control Panel and click the Java Web Start icon to start JWS.

The Java Cache Viewer is displayed.
- Click Close. The Java Control Panel is displayed.
- Click Settings under Temporary Internet Files.
- On the Temporary Internet Files page, select Keep temporary files on my computer.
- Click OK.
- Click the Advanced tab.
- On the Advanced page, expand JRE Auto-Download.
- Click Prompt User.
- Click OK.
- Start the affected launched task again. A prompt is displayed to download the required version of Java.

For a browser system that has direct access the Internet

Complete the following steps:
- Configure Java Web Start to use the proxy server by completing the following steps:
- Start the Java Web Start (JWS) application.

For Linux Type javaws at a command prompt. The javaws.exe file is located in the directory path where you installed the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
For Windows Open Control Panel and click the Java Web Start icon to start JWS.

The Java Cache Viewer is displayed.
- Click Close. The Java Control Panel is displayed.
- Navigate to the JWS network settings.
- Make sure that the settings uses Direct connection.

For a browser system that uses a proxy server to access the Internet

Complete the following steps:
- Configure Java Web Start to use the proxy server by completing the following steps:
- Start the Java Web Start (JWS) application.

For Linux Type javaws at a command prompt. The javaws.exe file is located in the directory path where you installed the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
For Windows Open Control Panel and click the Java Web Start icon to start JWS.

The Java Cache Viewer is displayed.
- Click Close. The Java Control Panel is displayed.
- Navigate to the JWS network settings.
- Make sure that the settings do not specify a direct connection.
- Select Use browser settings if this option exists and it does not specify a direct connection.
Try the task again. If the same error message is displayed, continue to step 5.
- Select Use proxy server and specify the address and port for your proxy server.
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Q: Java keeps reinstalling on Firefox on Mac.

This has recently been reported. Please use Safari on for now.
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Q: How do I login or create an account?

If you are already a registered user, then all you have to do is click on the 'Login' link at the top of the page, then fill in the correct username and password, (If you are using Security Question, please select the correct question and fill in the relevant answer), hit 'Submit' to log in.

If you are not registered, click here.

If you wish to be logged in automatically for a long period of time, select 'Advanced Options' at the login window, then select the length of your login via the Cookie field.
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Q: How do I connect/logout with Facebook?

If you do not have a DotaPod account, simply click on the 'Connect with Facebook' link at the top of this page, and a new account will be created for you.

If you already have an account, it is highly recommended to link with your Facebook account, and enjoy even more great features!

To do so, simply login to your existing DotaPod account, head to 'Account settings' and hit the 'Link to Facebook' button. That's it! You may now login with Facebook, connect with your friends and enjoy more games & features!

To logout after connecting with Facebook, make sure you have also logged out of Facebook, before logging out on DotaPod.
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Q: How do I verify my account?

Simply check your email and look for the email from us. Click on the link in the email to verify your account.

If you have difficulties receiving your verification email, first check your email's 'SPAM', 'JUNK', 'TRASH' folders. Some email providers automatically move verification emails to these folders.

If you are not able to find them, send an email to dpod(AT) (replace (AT) with @) from the email account you use to register.

In the email, please use "Email Verify" as subject and provide your username in the content. It may take up to 48 hours for manual email verification.

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Q: Level, Score, Popularity & Gold

Score is the most important credit you can have here on DotaPod.
Calculation method:
(to be updated)

Popularity is a score that suggests how popular you are on DotaPod.
To be popular, you should make good & useful posts, replies on the forum. You can also gain popularity by being a good, sporty player on DotaPod

To add/decrease a user's Popularity:
On the Forum, look for the 'Rating' link below his/her post, then select the amount to add or subtract.

Gold is the currency used on DotaPod.
You use it to dress up your Avatar, take care of your Pet, play Mini Games, and earn by playing them well, or making posts on the forum!
Many more items to buy to come!
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Q: Rules & Regulations (Game)

You'll be automatically banned if:
Your stay percent drops below 75%, or
You leave a game before it ends. (more than 5 minutes)


If you have been banned for leaving and you have a good reason why you should be given a second chance, make your appeal here. Make a new thread, and be sure to link to your player page.


1-No excessive leaver killing.
Do not farm on users who have left the game. Your account can be banned up to 2 days for first time offenders, or permanent ban for repeat offenders.


2-No hacks allowed.
Your account will be permanently banned.


3-Leaver/Game spoiling.
Up to 2 leavers mid-game (> 15 mins) can be banned in a game (1 day ban), unless all players (100%) agrees to end the game.


Keep your reliability above 75% or you will receive warnings and get your account banned permanently.


You can check your reliability by visiting your profile page at:<your_user_name>
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Q: Rules & Regulations (Forum)

Forums Rules and Regulations v0.01

last updated 9th Dec 2009

  • A. Account Creation Rules
    • a. Choosing a username
      • - Do not use foul, offensive, racist or explicit words as your username.
      • -- This restriction would apply to the use of national, religious, racial or ethnic insult/ridicule/negative sentiments as part of a username
      • - Do not use names of political, religious or quasi-religious figures
      • - Do not use names based on illegal and criminal activities
      • - Do not use names of trademarked companies, corporations or legal entities.
      • - Do not use ALL CAPS characters as your forum username. Do not use sTiCkY caps and 1337.
      • - Do not use names that can be mistaken with usernames of Moderators, Super Moderators, VIPs and Administrators. Misrepresenting yourself as an authority figure in the Dotapod community is subject to the highest sanctions.
    • b. Creating your signature
      • - Do not use inappropriate/explicit/sensitive/criminal/illegal/racist/gore/pornographic images as part of your signature
      • - Do not use clickable hotlinks to third-party outside websites as part of your signatures
      • - Do not use images larger than 640 pixels in length and 240 pixels in height.
    • c. New Topic creation
      • - Do not use all caps for thread titles and thread messages
      • - Do not create a thread for a topic that is already covered in another thread
      • - Do not use sTiCkY caps and 1337.
      • - Do not create threads for product and services advertisements, pornography, game bug exploits, software piracy, illegal activities, spam and other websites that offer the same Dota server hosting services outside of Dotapod
      • - Do not create a non-English language thread in any section of the forums except in their designated sections.
      • - Do not create flame threads. Do not create “[insert name] is a noob” threads. Use the PM system for personal messages
      • - Thread topics that are six months old will be locked.
    • d. Replying to a thread
      • - Do not use all caps for thread replies and related messages
      • - Report a thread which topic is already covered in another thread
      • - Do not create replies for a threads that contains product and services advertisements, pornography, game bug exploits, software piracy, illegal activities, spam and other websites that offer the same Dota server hosting services outside of Dotapod
      • - Reply to a thread in the appropriate language as determined by the section it belongs to.
      • - Do not create flame replies. Do not create “[insert name] is a noob” reply. Use the PM system for personal messages
      • - Do not use inappropriate language, explicit remarks, racist remarks, anti-nationalistic remarks, offensive language, foul language, anti-religious language, anti-culture remarks when replying to threads.
      • - Do not double-post. Double posting will merit a thread warning.
      • - One word thread replies or one-smiley thread replies will be subject to warning.
      • - No copy and pasting replies
      • - Do not use excessive punctuation marks.
      • - Do not use excessive bold-face type characters
    • e. Chattango Rules and Guidelines
      • - Thou shall not speak ill of other members in any potentially offensive way.
      • - No racist, sexist, defamatory, obscene and hateful remarks will be tolerated.
      • - Flaming, trolling and spamming should be avoided, as well as linking to any malicious content. Some of these are unavoidable, I for one find it difficult sometimes to avoid in doing so. However, at least we have some set of rules for the users to follow.
      • - Thou shall use his DotaPod username(or some part of it) as a username in Chatango also. This will allow us moderators to track easier those who are not following the rules, hence giving us less stress on moderating not just the forums but also the chatting section. We cannot avoid guest accounts though

    discussed by: sprion, macx98, thesilence88, lightangelz, QuothTheRaven, Hazel, Schroedinger compiled by: macx98
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Q: Digests

Digests is a new way of categorizing good or quality topics on a forum.
Like the essence of information, it allows users to get the important facts of a topic with precision.

In other words, digests are quality topics, a must read, a prestigious title for all the random topics on the forum, that makes it not so random anymore.
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Q: How do I use Forum codes?

Forum Codes Effect
[b]Bold Text[/b] Bold Text
[i]Italic Text[/i] Italic Text
[u]Underlined Text[/u] Underlined Text
[color=red]Red Color[/color] Red Color
[size=3]Font Size 3[/size] Font Size 3
[font=MS Sans Serif]MS Sans Serif Font[/font] MS Sans Serif Font
[align=Center]Align Center[/align]
Align Center
[url][/url] (Hyperlink)
[url=]DotaPod[/url] DotaPod (Hyperlink)
[email][email protected][/email] [email protected] (E-mail Link)
[[email protected]]DotaPod Support[/email] DotaPod Support (E-mail Link)
[quote]DotaPod gives you amazing experience of Warcraft, DotA from your browser[/quote]

Original post by admin on 2006-12-26 08:45 says
DotaPod gives you amazing experience of Warcraft, DotA from your browser
[code]DotaPod gives you amazing experience of Warcraft, DotA from your browser[/code]

DotaPod gives you amazing experience of Warcraft, DotA from your browser
[hide]Hidden Text[/hide] Effect: Text only shows after viewer replies, or else it shows “**** Hidden Text - Post a reply to view*****
[hide=20]Hidden Text[/hide] Effect: Text only shows when viewer's read permission is 20 or higher, or else it shows “**** Hidden Text - Requires read permission 20 or higher ****
[list][*]List #1[*]List #2[*]List #3[/list]
  • List #1
  • List #2
  • List #3
[img][/img] Displays as:
[img=88,31][/img] Displays as:
[media=400,300,1]Media URL[/media] Embed media into post, width 400 height 300 Autoplay
[fly]Fly Text[/fly] Fly Text
[flash]Flash URL [/flash] Insert Flash file in post
[qq]123456789[/qq] Displays your QQ status in post, click on image to chat with user.
X[sup]2[/sup] X2
X[sub]2[/sub] X2
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Q: Top reasons to use DotaPod

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Top Reasons to Use DotaPod

1. No download or installation required


DotaPod makes use of Java, available in most modern browser. Platform flexibility is a stalwart feature of DotaPod with all flavors of Linux, UNIX, and Windows being supported. Mac and mobile phones too.


2. Easy & Lag-free


Nothing to configure. Just connect and play at amazing speed.


3. Track your game statistics (View now)


A unique game-engine architecture allows DotA professionals to play and keep track of their skills specifically for particular heroes, with the end result being amazing performance records.


4. Shared Revenue Gaming Community


Unlike other platforms that makes you pay, we are totally free (including our source codes), and we are the first to reward users with money for playing with us. With DotaPod, you can generate income simply by participating actively. Creating games, making posts, are just some examples how you can start playing & making money.


5. High Performance and small footprint


Nearly no system requirements, and with a footprint of only 1MB to run Game Connection, your game can use even more system resources, therefore increasing smoothness and stability.


6. Open Source Freedom and 24 x 7 Support


DotaPod is built by its users and is open to all forms of contributions. Jeric T., the steward of DotaPod, looks after DP and plans its direction. Many organizations are hesitant to fully commit to open source software because they believe they can't get the type of support or professional service safety nets they currently rely on with proprietary software to ensure the overall success of their key applications. The questions of indemnification come up often as well. These worries can be put to rest with DotaPod as complete around-the-clock support as well as indemnification is available through DotaPod Network & Forums. DotaPod is not a typical open source project as all the software is owned and supported by DotaPod, and because of this, a unique cost and support model are available that provides a unique combination of open source freedom and trusted software with support.


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Q: Who's behind this? (Staff & Credits) - sprion aka Jeric T.

DotaPod Game Servers (DPGS) - sprion

DotaPod Game Connection - sprion

Russian Suport - JustMan

News & Blog - verticalnfinity

Facebook Group - Joseph_Coutts


As more developers get involved, their names will be added on this page.

Other credits:

  • JiLiZart - for his clean graphics on this page and the nift popups.
  • verticalnfinity - for being there throughout the month of development & testing
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Q: Media Reviews & Involvement

These articles and papers are submitted by users and media.



Eat N Play - Food.Entertainment.Lifestyle

DotaPod was involved in the core network connection functions for these platforms:

DotaLicious Gaming

Ranked Gaming

Jeric T. (a.k.a. sprion) was consulted to improve the experience on these platforms:


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Q: I need real help

If you are still having difficulties, despite these information here and on the forums, you can write in to us at: [email protected] Please make sure that you have checked the forums and the Help page. If you question is already answered in these places, your email may be ignored. Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply. Thank you for your understanding!
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Q: Shared Revenue Gaming Community

How does this work?


What we have done is setup a system so the ad revenue can be shared between all active members of this site.


This site serves advertisements on different parts of the site, in the upper right area as well as inline when viewing a thread. We use Google AdSense to automatically serve relevant ads for the content on the page. Google pays AdSense publishers on a per click basis as well as per impression.


If a user has an AdSense account, they have the ability to credit their account with the ads served on games they create, threads they start or participate in.


If you have any questions about it, please visit this thread.


Why are you doing this?


A community is nothing without the users. So I figure why not let the users make a little money on games and threads they participate in.


Furthermore, by doing so, I'm hoping to encourage quality games and posts, so the community can build and sustain itself.


What are the restrictions?


* You must have an AdSense account through Google.


* You must have at least 25 games created and played *OR* 50 total posts within the forum to participate (once you reach that level, the ads displayed from that point forward are retroactively applied to all the threads you started or participated in).


* For games & threads you start, your AdSense publisher ID will be used 50% of the time when the game or thread is viewed.


* Your AdSense publisher ID will be used 50% of the time when the thread is viewed by post (and you made the post).


Is this allowed by Google?


DP's makers have gone over the AdSense terms and conditions a few times (both the Overview and the legal version), and are not able to find anything to suggest that it's not allowed. I've done the same and found nothing. But if you know (or believe) otherwise, I would like to hear from you.


How do I set it up?


You will need to go to your User control panel. Within there, you will find an option to enter your AdSense Publisher ID (this starts with pub- and is within the HTML Google generates for you in your account). You can optionally specify a Slot ID (also found in the HTML codes, the google_ad_slot value) if you wish as well.


Once you have a Google AdSense Publisher ID on your account and you have made more than 25 games *OR* 50 posts on the site, any game/thread you participate in has a chance to show ads that credit your AdSense account.


I'm worried about you having my AdSense Client ID.


The only info we need for it is info that is publicly available if you look at the source of any page that has your AdSense ads.


If you are still worried about it then the best thing to do is not participate.


How long will you be doing this?


While I can't guarantee it will run forever, there are no plans to stop it at any point.


But we do retain the right to halt the program or make adjustments to it as necessary if it's not working out in it's current form for whatever reason.


I look at the HTML source on posts I've made and I never see my AdSense Client ID.


The system will never display your own AdSense Client ID to you (as long as you are logged in).


This is to prevent people from unknowingly violating the Adsense terms and conditions (specifically the part about clicking your own ads).

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Q: Shared-revenue Organization

Frequently people ask why DotaPod is not a non-profit. There are several advantages to the for-profit shared-revenue organization structure to that of a non-profit.

  • - Our experience with Zion/ showed us that financial stability guarantees the project's survival. DotaPod is not subject to the whims of a bad fund raising climate. We will always be here.

  • - Freedom from funding constraints, changes in the tax code, and interference from large donors.

  • - Ability to plow profits back into the site. DotaPod's profits are used to finance the participating developers, engineering expenses, site redesign costs, back office administration, and other projects which could not easily be accomplished through volunteers alone. (See: User Profits & Developer Profits)

  • - Profit for DotaPod's founder and steward, Jeric T. While some may wish that Jeric received no financial compensation for DotaPod, profitability assures that Jeric will remain as DotaPod's steward and will be financially as well as emotionally motivated to help DotaPod accomplish its mission.

  • - Ability to finance community meetups. Every year DotaPod financially sponsors DotaPodians to travel to one location and meet face to face. Such meetings strengthen our community and increase our ability to collaborate.

  • - Ability to donate to charities and non-profits.

  • - Ability to serve as a role model. If DotaPod succeeds at becoming a significantly sized profitable company, it will influence other businesses and entrepreneurs to follow our lead. More similar organizations would be good for the world.
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Q: What is DotaPod Game Server (DPGS)?

Download DPGS now!




DotaPod Game Server (DPGS) is our free program that allows users to automatically host Warcraft III games without running the Warcraft III executable. Users can join such games from their browser via




Hosts run DPGS on their computer, or run it on their web servers for increased reliability. Players can then simply visit the DotaPod website to find and join the hosted games with any modern browser.




  • * Faster, smoother games.

    With pre-configured settings, your DPGS hosted games are 2X more rewarding than your normal LAN hosted games, 5X smoother than BattleNet.

  • * Simple and available to many players.

    Your hosted games are made available to thousands of players world-wide to join via No downloads required! Players in your LAN network can also join your games.

  • * Simultaneous games can be created.

    You are no longer limited to hosting 1 running game at a time with the Warcraft III executable.

  • * Commands are available to players: !votekick !checkme !end etc

    Players get to check their own statistics or vote to kick another player and more.


Download DPGS now!

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Q: How can I help?

Check out this forum thread


If you think DotaPod has helped you, help to tell your friends and the world about us!


You may add a link to , with these images in forums, blogs, facebook and other websites! - (481x233) (500x100) (500x100)
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Q: How can I donate?

We need your help

DotaPod has always been a free software and website. Even so, it does take a lot of hard work to develop and maintain. If you think DotaPod has helped you, please consider donating. We are not asking much, even just $1 is appreciated. Needless to say, we do accept bigger donations..

For a monthly donation, please pick the amount to donate monthly, then click the button below:

Additional Info

(Quiki Hosting has been very kind to offer processing monthly donations for us!)

For a one-time donation, please use the link below:

Alternate Payment methods:
Neteller (to [email protected])

Wire/Bank Transfer:
DBS Bank
6 Shenton Way, DBS Building Tower One
Singapore 068809
Account Holder: Jeric Tan
Account: 062-38097-7 (POSB Savings)

Additional Bank Info:
Branch Code: 081
Institution Code: 7171
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Q: Why does DOTAPOD look like Quake Live?

DOTAPOD 2.0 IS Quake Live! No I'm kidding. DOTAPOD was built because I wanted an easy way to play games, without having to download & install anything - all within a browser, and work on Windows & Mac. I managed to do that. Soon, Quake Live came out, and we shared the same vision - to build a gaming platform IN a browser. I loved it!

DOTAPOD is built during my freetime, and I do not have enough to work on the design. So until someone comes along to help, it would look like that. (Actually it's temporary, it will change)
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Q: Why does DOTAPOD say 'Welcome to Zion'?

I loved the 1997 cult movie, The Matrix. And most importantly, I believe in God.
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Q: 如何加入游戏?

  1. 首先,选择一个你想加入的游戏,点击其名称。

  2. 点击'连接'或'加入'之按钮。

  3. 您可能会收到一个提示,要求您下载文件。选择'打开/运行。Java将启动。


  4. 如果成功,Java程序将运行。


  5. 启动魔兽,然后到 LAN 局域网络

  6. 加入游戏便开始玩!(LAN 速度)

图形提供与 Jilizartt

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Q: 怎么建图,创造游戏?

  1. 启动魔兽。

  2. 到达“区域网” LAN。

  3. 选择“创建” 游戏,并选择地图。

  4. 回到 > Play Warcraft! (Gamelist) - 游戏列表

  5. 选择“创造”,并输入你的 IP。 你可以选择游戏版本(version) 如果你的版本不是最新的。注意:只有和你同样魔兽版本的玩家才能加入你的游戏!

  6. 如果成功,你的游戏将会显示在“游戏列表”(Gamelist)上!


Check out our DotaPod Game Server (DPGS). It lets you create games automatically.

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