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Dotapod presents: sprion

1.) Tell us who you are.
I'm Jeric, better known as 陳傑瑞

2.) What do you do for a living?
I'm a Singer-Songwriter based in Taiwan - I'm Singaporean.

3.) How did you start your career in music?
It all happened a few years ago when I met an agent, who introduced me to a friend from a music school.
I only managed to sing 1 line with my guitar, before he cut me short, and told me to return the next day.
I thought I was just incredibly bad, but when I returned the next day, I met my future manager, 永邦, who signed me on the spot.

4.) Tells us a little something about your song "《我不相信》 I Don't Believe" and
why was it chosen for the video

The story behind the song is about someone who just lost his love, to another. It describes his on-going love, feelings and thoughts for the person. The music sets the listener into the mood of melancholy, nostalgia, happy memories and hope.

The movie, which this song is for, starts with a guy who lost EVERYTHING, including his love - in short, he's the ultimate loser in life. During his failed attempt on suicide and misfortune, he found hope (catch the movie to find out what they are!). It describes how the simplest of things can be reason enough to stay alive.

The moviemakers heard my music and thought it was most suitable for the movie - and I was elated, and so things happened from there on!

5.) What was your involvement in this video? How many days did you shoot?
Well, I told my company how I felt about the movie and how my song has a chemistry with the film, and the script for the MV evolved from there.
My next task was to spend more time knowing the lead girl, which I ultimately failed because she was too pretty and I'm just a shy person! If there's something I need to work on, it's talking to pretty girls.
The MV took 1 day to film (my parts), and 3 days for other scenes, and the final compilation to come together.

6.) What was your inspiration for the song? Do you have anyone in mind you wish to dedicate it to?
I think love is a beautiful thing - and most of the time, it's what keeps anyone alive - be it the love for a person, family, pet or work.
It's a song about losing love, to another, how the heart fonders - but there is still reason to stay strong (or alive!) - simply because you still have the capability to love!
I want to dedicate this song to my most beloved mum - the greatest one can have.

7.) Do you have a message to all your friends in the Dotapod community?
This might be a surprise to some, but I'm planning a song for our nice community. Look out! And lastly..
Welcome to Zion! Thank you for lovin' DotaPod!

Jeric's Facebook Page (Add now!)
《我不相信》 I Don't Believe (Listen on Youtube now!)
我不相信 《荒岛.爱》中文主题曲 -- 陈杰瑞 (音樂台)

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"The story behind the song is about someone who just lost his love, to another. It describes his on-going love, feelings and thoughts for the person"


great interview by the way....and do a song fast..
"If you tremble indignation at every injustice...Then you are a comrade of mine"--Che Guevera


Please be a friend and add sprion's Facebook page to your wall. Share the YouTube video as well! Cheers!


cool! thanks for putting up this place sir!


WOW is that Sprion singing?!?


5# Eat_Me!


You guys do know that, besides singing, he wrote the song too =)

This is what you called music talent (音樂才子)


This is called a real pro. He has Dual talents!


Thanks for creating dp. Best thing evar!


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do you have lyrics translated in english? love the song..

what is the title of the movie macx?


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