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Going hand in hand with goalkeepers is the ball physics, where we have seen some interesting changes. Essentially it is more of the same, but we can't help shake the feeling that it generally feels more lose. Passing seems to have picked up some pace with the ball moving at high speed on the ground. The team have paid particular fifa 16 coins cheap buy attention to the lofted through balls issue which don't seem to be as effective this season. Shooting seems to be more rewarding this year with semi-automatic controls as you have more control over the overall "looser" nature of the ball physics. We observed some isolated incidents were the ball behaved erratically bouncing between players without anyone taking possession in some online matches. However, we could put that down to some of the online issues that have been happening in the early days following launch. It's not easy to cater for a couple of million people overnight no matter how well prepared you are. Just ask the Apple guys at Cupertino.

Our primary gameplay concern however is the pace of the game as FIFA 15 just feels considerably faster than its predecessor, and this feeling is amplified when playing with or against teams with speed merchants. The Liverpool attacking trio of Sturridge, Balotelli and Sterling are literally unplayable especially when your opponent finds a yard of space and flicks the right stick. The overall speed at which the match unfolds is also unrealistic and not representative of the modern game, even if we compared it to a high-octane competition like the Premier League. Where FIFA 14 found a nice balance for pace, this years game seems to have taken two steps back. The pace problem directly highlights one of the game's biggest shortcomings, the constant bypass of the midfield.

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