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good discussion and thank you for sharing your ideas


9# `M`onkey

yeah thats tru.. that then comes 2 how u play clinkz... and ur teamates, if they force the bs or lion 2 use their combo on them... personally i hav hardly been ultied by a lion when using clinkz, but a lot by bs... very painful...


some of bone i saw on Battle LAN nowdays are fans of Manta+Cuirass
but original orchid is good enough for support

i dont agreed on armlet not because the effect but the item needed to farm maybe will not suited bone build


13# Revof|Gen

manta cuirass.. a very expensive build... although i do c where its going... the AoM build is a mid game build as i hav mentioned, it makes u powerful during mid game and with a few more items you can still qualify as a late game dps, although i hav never played a late game AoM clinkz match yet (becuz the game usually finishes just around the end of mid game)....


Very interesting build. I will try it out. Makes sense! Orchid compared to AoM my personal opinion is dat Orchid is far better however the price difference is actually the factor we should ponder upon. If you farm good get orchid. Game going not as planned get AoM. Thats what i think. Thanks for sharing though. I will SURELY not think of AoM. Haha


Thanks for sharing.


competitive match puts clink to solo lane, so he can rush bkb, and then mkb for more dpser output or manta to provide slight confusion and attack speed as well as damage, ur AoM is not really useful in competitive, but most probably own in pubs, because having BKB is better than AoM when u are dealing with nukes spell and burst damage......  since AoM provide strength.... clinks could not fully use that item with full potential.... it's like sven or rexxar going for butterfly.....

Conclusion, most teams pick nuker with high burst damage, no bkb= u cant deal with it, even if they cant kill u, mass burst damage on you already lower your health till u cant come out to farm, that means a failed carry, unless you got supporters babysit you from start till the end... but as you know... that's a failed strategy too...... clinkz own pubs, with anything! but not competitive gaming.

Just my 2 cents, if u disagree, dun flame me........ becoz flaming is like running in paralympic, even if u win, u are still retarded
Will raze the hell out of you.....


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1.why do people get orchid? are you serious? you're actually asking something like this?
2.armlet for bone? you serious?

1. orchid = 20 Intelligence
30 Attack Speed
45 Damage
225% Mana Regeneration
Active: Soul Burn
Silences a target unit and amplifies the damage it takes by 20%. Amplified damage is dealt at the end of the duration as magic damage. Lasts 5 seconds. 100 manacost. 18 seconds cooldown. 900 cast range.

from the above you understand that you get mana, mana regeneration. bone's new ulti which gives you bonus damage is imba. but your mana pool? not so imba. solves one problem.
+45 damage. dont need to explain much
30 attack speed. same here
active spell : soul burn. silence and amplifies damage. a single target silence that amplifies your total damage at the end of the duration by 20%. dude. like you said. bone is a dps. you already HAVE the damage and attack speed. thanks to orchid you can fully utilize your ulti(mana pool increase) and attack speed is amplified with strafe+orchid's attack speed. now. lets say you can deal decent damage. what if opponent is gondar/magina/etc. ok dont talk about just that. talk about heroes that can turn around. stun you. rape you/disable you etc. that's why a silence added to bone is good. they cant do anything to you. they cant run. 20% amplified. dont need to explain much on this.

now about your armlet theory. even the name says it. armlet is for strength heroes. of course armlet on some heroes like bone/fv/etc is fun. for fun and stuff. but not practical. you waste your gold. you dont fully maximise the use of armlet. the additional strength is also additional hp/hp regen/damage. but damage = only for strength heroes. primary attribute +1 = damage +1. bone's primary attribute is agility. not strength. a good bone hunts when he has ulti. which solves his hp problem. no need for armlet/unholy strength.

no offense but your knowledge of the game and it's mechanics is very low. what i've explained is only about armlet and orchid. im not gonna go into bone as a hero because that would REALLY be a book

edit : the component parts of orchid are 10 times more useful than armlet. please dont tell me you need explanation for this

edit: to the person above me. how often do you see clinkz in a draft?


This ****s really bad.  Really.


I don't know, it's hard to disagree with any of the 'good for clinkz because it is..' consideration of every mentioned items in this thread.

But I guess if I had to deduce a quick judgement for AoM, it's that AoM is an easy to farm item for anyone, and I'm saying this in the general broadest term, who is having a hard time farming decently.
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