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FAQ - Read this before you post in Help & Support section!

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Please read the following before you post anything on this section of forum. Any repeated questions/inquiries will be deleted without notice.


1) What is DotaPod? What can i do here?
Dotapod is basically a gaming platform for Warcraft III players. Connections to server for games are set up via java as known as LAN Emulators and games are easily accessed in the Network area of your warcraft III.
In the forums is a fun-filled community which creates threads daily that are worth reading. And yes, besides playing all day, you can express your thoughts or share interesting threads with the community.

2) How to play Warcraft, DotA on ?
Refer here.

3) Unable to join/play game?
Refer here.

4) Disconnect or lagging?
Refer here.


1) Gaming rules:
Refer here.

2) Your games got leaver?
Refer here.

3) Your games got people farming on leavers? Or purposely sending leaver heroes to feed upon enemy team?
Refer here.

4) Wish to get unbanned?
Refer here.


1) Forum rules:
Refer here.

Technical Support

1) Problem with Connection.

  • Run JAVA file with administrator if you are using WinVista.
  • Check your firewall , make sure it doesn't block JAVA.
  • Make sure your antivirus is on game-mode, or not blocking JAVA.
  • Your java must be up-to-date (download here).
  • Close any P2P softwares running in the background , and pause all downloads while playing have fun gaming.
  • Check your ISP for scheduled maintenance (Lead to high game latency).
  • Ping the server:
    Run cmd, by typing cmd in the run command,
    Type "ping" without the quotation mark, (Repeat if necessary)
    If you keep getting ping less than 200 with no packet loss, you are fine.
  • Get latest warcraft patch 1.24E here.

2) Problem with creating a game (Port 6112)
Refer here.

3) Getting disconnected once map loaded?
Refer here.

4) Gamelist won't load?
Install new Browser,
Delete Cookies , run as admin etc.,
Update your JAVA.


1) What is POP?
Popularity is a score that suggests how popular you are on DotaPod.
To be popular, you should make good & useful posts, replies on the forum.
You can also gain popularity by being a good, sporty player on DotaPod

To add/decrease a user's Popularity:
On the Forum, look for the 'Rating' link below his/her post, then select the amount to add or subtract.
(only moderators can decrease your pop. normal users are limited to 1+ pop only)

2) What is GOLD?
Gold are for Props , You can highlight your topic ,
Place your topic on top of the forum etc
You can find the info here

3) What is PTS?
U gain Points to Up your current Level (Max is Lvl 25)
When you post stuff , Gain pops you'll gain points ,
So be active in the forums , Help other people out (Don't spam though)
Then your level will be higher. It's like your status and popularity + Active in the forums

4) What is ELO? (by GX|Kero)
ELO score is based on your winning rate. The new ELO rating system on DotaPod simply makes your score/rating dependent on your opponents. Win and face strong opponents and your score/rating goes up, fast. Joining strong teams to win weak ones, lets you gain little and lose much more should the weaker team win.

All DotaPod gamers starts with a rating of 1000. Based on your games played, wins, losses and opponents faced, your rating will be affected accordingly. Pick your opponents wisely and play fun challenging games so your rating is protected! Don't lose too much to newcomers or bully them! Fight and win gamers around your level and protect your scores, and have fair challenging games.

5) Warkey for MAC users (DotA shortcut key)
There is no software as such for MAC OS because Warkey are .exe file which are meant for windows.
But this Video will Help you a lot
-Inventory keys for WC3 on a Mac using ControllerMate

For the option menu. Finder -> Go -> Library/preferences the search this
folder for anything containing Blizzard, Bnet, or Warcraft; and delete every one of them.
Your option's menu should work fine after that.
Tutorial 1 (Credit to Xathis729)
Great Contribution by fellow DP member: Boozta.
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3

How can you help?
Refer here.

Credit: All content are contributions from all the moderator's team.

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No questions here sir! Carry on the good work!
Also, that is why PMing an active Moderator is still the best way to resolve a problem, whether its a question about the rules, or reporting spoilers or reporting maphackers or giving site feedback. It's flame proof, and best of all you are not ridiculed even if you ask stupid questions.


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