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Loki's guide to mh

Someone sent me this pictures and replays, and Loki, remember the word i told you before i leave that game, yes, **** you, dun talk much if you mh and deny with stupid excuses, protect him if you all want, trust him if you want, he will dissapoint you all, Loki the maphacker

kiss and lick his ass while you can..... and pls dun scold me hugger, you know you are hugger yourself, pls dun be hypocrite, and i know there are a lot of map hacker in dp just like garena do, and loki, pls, you are childish, when people dun do anything that you want, you insult and tease, good, anyway, you are mher, dont wanna spend time with you, and yet, you are lame at dota knowledge, try teach map hack knowledge

Swear to God i wont be checking this site anymore! this is my last thing i gonna see in dp after i post this, and map hacker, o0o you play without blind folded in " pin the point of the donkey tail" and yet you are cocky about it when you pin on the right spot, good....

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?ρθα, ε?δα, ?χω κατακτ?σει

I came, I saw, I conquer

btw can the pictures do anything?
ntg there
To LOL or not to LOL
That's the question


Just pm moderator n report it.


2# Nevec

You see he select secret shop where it's not in range of sight. Can you provide us the fogged ss as well?


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lol. if i had the last replay. i'd post it here. and embarrass him. but sadly i don't. maybe my friend has it. brb

you know, i have a lawyer brain that can match this guy. but honestly i'm hell lazy to bother.
its quite simple really. ill lay out the facts after i eat and stuff.

and his last point means. i catch ppl in forest thats why i own. 9/10 people who play with me know that i rarely hunt forest unless theres a forest-based hero. i normally play in my own lane. snatch runes and rape top/bottom. and when they're in sight.

here's the reason to why he might be emo :
dual-laners lost to a silencer. oh noes. sadz =[. oh wait wait. because i MAPHACK? i didn't know maphack gives me auto-last-hit powers. oh dang. he says last time in dotapod. if we see him here again talking about this its most probably because he thinks he just thought of something smart to say. if we DONT see him here. it means he's afraid of the very imba stuff im gonna throw at his face to embarrass the balls out of him.

anyone from that game had a replay? since it was probably that lose-game that made him emo. maybe the people from those game can share the noobie way i played =[ and a replay if possible


^Dream Dota does.


[email protected]#!$ admit it, you're just a better mher than others PERIOD (.) ... i mean professional enough to make allibi for so long you escaped justice.

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I came from the void


AWWW we've lost a good IKMR member and dotapoder (


I'm a hugger too. I hug my pillows tight every night.

Mh or not, life goes on, the game goes on. And can we please leave allegations and reports like these to the secret world of MODs and ADMINs? Because it's been proven countless times that all it does is erupt into a game of 'Yes you did because' and 'No I did not because' and it's getting kinda lame of late.

If he did MH, the mods will be on his tail and justice will be served.

If he didn't MH, the mods will have nothing to incriminate him with and he's acquitted.

You know, I'm just saying, and Wingly if it really does bother you that much that someone cheats the game to win, then I'm sorry that you can't raise your game (or your spirits) to match that, which I'd suggest to since in real life itself we'll come across people who cheat and we can't just pack our bags and scoot off. Sorry if I sound condescending but when others cheat, we raise our own game and try to beat them to it.

And Loki, may I concur that Wingly does have a strong point, but since there's no replay, we can't be sure of the build up to that point in time in that screenshot.

Now, everybody, let's hug and make up.
The bigger the challenge, the sweeter the victory. Bring. It. On.


i think the mediafire link is the replay just add .w3g to the end of the filename


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