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Sven build is weird...
My stats and reliability are so screwed up now due to Disconnection. 8 games got disconnected in 12. WTF?


at queen of pain you put there 2


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i dont know how to use them lol..

But I will share also my so far known hero to use:

Rikimaru - The Stealth Assasin

Opening Game:

Then if i get additional gold, I will upgrade with this:

Then Mid Game:

If the game still continue, I will farm till i get this:


This is for now as a beginner, when I earned experience while playing I will share more..


43# majenta

It's much better to upgrade to Manta then SnY if you already made Diffusal (especially when current manta is so strong for melee heroes)


Manta + Diffusal = OMG DAMAGE! Lol.

Battlefury is bad, SA need agi.
Basher, perhaps, but there are better alternatives.
SnY nooooo, one of the worst item.. Get manta.


really...??? so told you im still studying all item builds thats why i dont know which one is good for a particular hero..

anyway, im that kind of "finger fast" while playing so i dont use much item which you have to click. since im using mac, i dont know how to use shortcut for items.

but for sure will try your suggestion for manta..

Battlefury is one of my favorite items... my main purpose of Battlefury is to farm easily from its cleaving attack, regenerate my hp and mana plus a powerfull 65 damage.

Basher is one of my secret weapon, it stun an enemy for 1.4 seconds enough to get a kill.
"Blink to the enemy, then he will be stun for 1.4 seconds, then smoke and final hit Blink again" surely killed.


NYcc builds


sf build i love dat xD


Lich Build
Starting - 2 Iron Branch 1 Regen Ring and Tp if you want
Then - Meka, Point Booster, Aghmns and Dagon if you want.
Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free!


bara build : RoRx1, stout shield x1
                follow up with MOM + armlet for maximun suicide



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