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New members take note:Some important rules here

Post Last Edit by Banana.Net at 13-Nov-2010 21:05

Attention all Dotapod members.I know that not a lot of us likes to read the [email protected] so here I will list out some important rules that,if ignored,may lead to your account being hit by this:

1-Do not intentionally kill players who had left the game
This is extremely important.Farming kills from leavers is heavily frowned upon here in DP.If we find games like this,you can kiss your account goodbye.You make 100 accounts and continue to farm leavers,those 100 accounts will be banned.Also those who conspire to help someone farm kills,they themselves and the farmed player will be banned as well

There was some confusion in the forums regarding how do we determine how long should a player be banned if he is caught killings leavers.So I want to reiterate here.Players caught killing leavers,be it 5 times or 500 times,will be heavily punished.I repeat.LEAVER KILLING IS NOT TOLERATED HERE AND THOSE WHO ARE CAUGHT WILL BE SEVERELY PUNISHED.Please take note guys

2-Do not create accounts with questionable names,names that are similar to political figures or names which are similar to Dotapod Mods
Names like unclefu**a and pimpmype**s are not allowed here in Dotapod.Also not allowed here are nicks which resemble DP Mod(macx99,thesilence89)and nicks which are similar to political figures.
Also do not use offensive pictures like this as your avartar as it is not allowed.Pls take note

3-Do not use hacks here
Not much to say here.Anyone caught using hacks will immediately have his or her account perma locked with no appeals

4-No flame wars and crap posts that insult others.Keep personal spats within the PM
Do not reply someone asking for help with something like"you have **** for brain".Doing so makes your account liable to be locked with no questions asked and no appeals.Also dun bring out a spat you have with someone to the forums pls.You got anything personal to say to that someone,keep it within the PM system

5-Do not create threads containing links to illegal stuff.Also no threads with FaNcYfUl NaMe HeAdInG pls
Pls dun create threads with links to stuff like free commercial games and music.Also pls dun create threads which makes us want to DiG 0uR EyEs 0uT.

6-Do not spam the forums with multiple or meaningless threads creation.USe common sense when you want to post in an old thread
Please don't do something like posting 6 quotes threads in the jokes&quotes section within a single day.Just edit your original post if you want to add content that is similar to your original post.Also,please don't create threads with meaningless 1 liners in the forums.Otherwise,you might find yourself being hit by the almighty ban hammer

And please don't dig out old threads unless you got something meaningful or relevant to add.Replies like this one from pudgethebutcher is considered spam.Other replies to old threads will be judged on a case by case basis,but generally please try not to reply toold threads unless you got something meaningful or relevant to add

7-Do not spoil a dota game under any circumstances
Remember.Dota is just a game.Pls dun call ppl names,intentionally feed or show an unsporting attitude.Relax and have fun.If we find games like this,ur account will be locked forever.
Do not spoil a game under any other circumstances too,such as there's a feeder or spoiler in your team.If there's a spoiler in your team,please report it to us and we will take the necessary actions against him.
Do not spoil a game if you can't switch as well.Switching is voluntary and must be accepted by all players in that specific game.Do not force your team to switch by spoiling just because you want to be with your friend over the other side.If you are caught,your account and IP will be perma banned with no appeals

8-Do not leave a game intentionally.Keep your reliability up
Those who are caught leaving intentionally will be handed bans(and don't think you can just 'accidentally' DC.We have our own way of knowing whether someone DC on purpose or not).Also,repeating leaving/DC causes your reliability to drop.If it drops below a certain level,your account will be perma banned.Pls becareful
For those who are interested in finding out more regarding this rule of ours,please take a look at the following thread created by our super mod,macx98
Policy on banning leavers

These are some of the important rules and regulations here.Ignoring them puts your account at risk of being ban.
Help us make Dotapod the friendliest and best Dota community around by following them
Thanks guys

Best Regards from your friendly neighbourhood Moderator

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No threads containing illegal stuff

also means no sharing pirated stuff here ,
got warned before so i'll just add this in


pls follo what banana says~ it will help u to not get banned ~


Hope lots of people read this.. ^.^


Post Last Edit by Banana.Net at 29-Mar-2010 18:14

Good to know that there are no "Ban Appeal" Cards !!

Just wanted to add this !

Our system and moderators constantly keep a lookout of leavers and spoilers and ban their accounts. We keep track of each user's reliability and when it falls below the 75% mark, we ban their account.
sprion Post at 29-Mar-2010 03:36


rofl.... dig our eyes out.... think i know what u mean.


Keep up the good moderating for the forums =] Hope to see a friendlier community here too


for all the rules, see

Rules & Regulations for Forum and for Game.
Thank you for lovin' DotaPod! Donate & Go Pro


Thank you Banana.Net and sprion. This is really helpful.


thanks for info!


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