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Thanks! Here's how you can help!


Many people have recently wrote in to me  to tell me how amazing our game and connection has been for them.
They have also asked how they could help.

I'm very glad that our work here at DotaPod (DP) has brought a great experience to many, and that some users are volunteering to give back to DP.

So I thought about it, and came up with this. To answer your questions..

You can help with the following:

  • Get more friends and people to join us.
  • Spread the word.
  • Donate, buy me a latte!
  • Apply to be a Moderator (email me) - make sure you have met these requirements (35 games, reach 'Participant' posting rank, total online time of 60 hours)
  • Have a special skill you think DP could flourish with? Contact me: jeric(a)
  • Add me (Jeric) and DotaPod on Facebook
  • Follow me and DotaPod on Twitter.

Again, really thankful to all the support from users, moderators - especially the moderators, friends and strangers! You guys helped make it possible!

Thank you for loving DotaPod!

Jeric T.
Steward of

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Thank you for lovin' DotaPod! Donate & Go Pro

A lil help from every users makes this community whole =)


Hmm how about donating servers?


hmm that's cool too, but server is an even bigger commitment!
Thank you for lovin' DotaPod! Donate & Go Pro


anyone tell me the detail about how to become a moderator?


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Go to comment #1 and read carefully. It tells you how. (But you are only level 1,  you might want to go and build your rep first)


thank you for your reply ma friend.


Dotapod came just when i was about to quit dota cause of the state garena is in (maphackers, lag, leavers, no accountability, so on and so forth). Will donate as soon as i start working and set up a pay pal account.  How much is a participant posting rank?


8# DeOmen

I'm not sure what you're asking, but I'll guess. (Tell me if I'm wrong)

My first guesss: How much is a participant posting rank?

To receive the participant rank, you only need to post 100 replies or threads, or both combined.

My second guess: How much is a participant posting rank?

Dotapod works on donation, any amount helps. (You don't need to pay to receive participant rank)

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