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last updated 9th Dec 2009

  • A. Account Creation Rules
    • a. Choosing a username
      • Do not use foul, offensive, racist or explicit words as your username. This restriction would apply to the use of national, religious,racial or ethnic insult/ridicule/negative sentiments as part of a username
      • Do not use names of political, religious or quasi-religious figures
      • Do not use names based on illegal and criminal activities
      • Do not use names of trademarked companies, corporations or legal entities.
      • Do not use ALL CAPS characters as your forum username. Do not use sTiCkY caps and 1337.
      • Do not use names that can be mistaken with usernames of Moderators,Super Moderators, VIPs and Administrators. Misrepresenting yourself as an authority figure in the Dotapod community is subject to the highest sanctions.
    • b. Creating your signature
      • Do not use inappropriate/explicit/sensitive/criminal/illegal/racist/gore/pornographic images as part of your signature
      • Do not use clickable hotlinks to third-party outside websites as part of your signatures
      • Do not use images larger than 640 pixels in length and 240 pixels in height.
    • c. New Topic creation
      • Do not use all caps for thread titles and thread messages
      • Do not create a thread for a topic that is already covered in another thread
      • Do not use sTiCkY caps and 1337.
      • Do not create threads for product and services advertisements,pornography, game bug exploits, software piracy, illegal activities,spam and other websites that offer the same Dota server hosting services outside of Dotapod
      • Do not create a non-English language thread in any section of the forums except in their designated sections.
      • Do not create flame threads. Do not create “[insert name] is a noob” threads. Use the PM system for personal messages
      • Thread topics that are six months old will be locked.
    • d. Replying to a thread
      • Do not use all caps for thread replies and related messages
      • Report a thread which topic is already covered in another thread
      • Do not create replies for a threads that contains product and services, advertisements, pornography, game bug exploits, software piracy,illegal activities, spam and other websites that offer the same Dota server hosting services outside of Dotapod
      • Reply to a thread in the appropriate language as determined by the section it belongs to.
      • Do not create flame replies. Do not create “[insert name] is a noob” reply. Use the PM system for personal messages
      • Do not use inappropriate language, explicit remarks, racist remarks,anti-nationalistic remarks, offensive language, foul language,anti-religious language, anti-culture remarks when replying to threads.
      • Do not double-post. Double posting will merit a thread warning.
      • One word thread replies or one-smiley thread replies will be subject to warning.
      • No copy and pasting replies
      • Do not use excessive punctuation marks.
      • Do not use excessive bold-face type characters
    • e. Chattango Rules and Guidelines
      • Thou shall not speak ill of other members in any potentially offensive way.
      • No racist, sexist, defamatory, obscene and hateful remarks will be tolerated.
      • Flaming, trolling and spamming should be avoided, as well as linking to any malicious content. Some of these are unavoidable, I for one find it difficult sometimes to avoid in doing so. However, at least we have some set of rules for the users to follow.
      • Thou shall use his DotaPod username(or some part of it) as a username in Chatango also. This will allow us moderators to track easier those who are not following the rules, hence giving us less stress on moderating not just the forums but also the chatting section.We cannot avoid guest accounts though

    Discussed by: sprion, macx98, thesilence88, lightangelz, QuothTheRaven, Hazel, Schroedinger Compiled by: macx98

Original Dotapod FAQ link.

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Thanks for the Rules, and warning
Alot of things to becareful now days in dotapod
You just wasted your 5 seconds reading this.


i love you macx.


I updated the post to include the link to the FAQ page. Please be guided accordingly of this forum rules. :D Happy Gaming!


okay thxs with this i might be careful nowadays...
i love snsd


with   fifa coins     this i might be careful


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