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WeChat Applets

This is a big data era with hidden business opportunities behind the numbers. The emergence of WeChat applets is a typical example. The mobile Internet has entered a period of intense competition for traffic, because traffic directly affects the realization of cash. In the mobile traffic battle, WeChat, the super-national APP, seems to be a big winner.
WeChat is not only a carrier with 1 billion traffic, but after a step-by-step upgrade and optimization, it has evolved into a WeChat ecosystem that can drive traffic for all walks of life. On WeChat, the basic circle of traffic from the "friend circle", to the independent opening of the payment transaction function, to the independent operation of the media, and now to the birth of the small program, Step by Step WeChat has established a decentralized independent closed loop, which is a complete ecosystem. As a professional small program technology research and development team, Pumei Technology first talked about the three main sources of traffic on WeChat applets.

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