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: Disinfection of the ablution basin:

So that the dirt does not accumulate for the bath tub. Clean it with soap, shampoo and other things such as falling hair after finishing washing. This will make it permanent, and you will not have a clogged bathtub, accumulated dirt, or a faded bathtub color.
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: Lack of clear accumulation:
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So that you do not accumulate the apparent, put the dishes soaked after the completion of food in the dishwasher for a moment or if you do not have one, I keep her body first so as not to accumulate the apparent and become important difficult and difficult and take time and effort multiplier.
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: Critical Mode Arrangement:
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We recommend that you put a basket in different hall to put the accumulated things or things that are confused by the occurrence of any confusion in the position, we suggest you, for example, put a paper and another basket of clothes that need to be washed.
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: Using Duster:
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It is recommended that you use the duster to clean the curtains, windows and furniture, as they provide a lot of time to get rid of dust, we also recommend using a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet.

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