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Best spraying company in Riyadh

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are abundant in the summer, and are found in humid places, over ponds and marshes, ie, in stagnant water, and garbage is a great source of import.
White Ants
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Mosquitoes cause many serious diseases. They are the most dangerous vector of malaria, cholera, yellow fever, and can transmit viruses and deadly bacteria. Mosquitoes can be disposed of with insecticide, tightened windows and doors to prevent entry. From outside .
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Moth is the most dangerous insect in the household. The mite insect is a contagious insect. When it moves home, it touches clothing, bedding, mattresses, and all the fabrics, puts eggs in it and spreads quickly during a minor stage.
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The moth carries many contagious diseases, it also infects the individual, causes skin problems, and leads to itching and inflammation of the skin. This is why it is necessary to take care of the ventilation of the family, the furnishings and the storage of any furniture.
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Lice: Lice is not just a insect of hair insects, where lice are transmitted to the injured person by many serious diseases. Vaccination is one of the most dangerous carriers of typhoid. It also transmits several skin diseases and causes blood diseases.

It is possible to drug lice hair by the use of some drugs sold in non-similar pharmacies, and wash the hair several times, until the final elimination is final, and it is necessary to boil clothes to ensure that the transition of eggs lice.

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