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Methods of disposal of insects

The method of disposal of mosquito
Dear brother..

Indeed, in many famous plants, they can expel the law. The most famous is the neem plant.

And its scientific name Azadirachta indica .. It is possible to use fruit in the work of pesticides against insects
This plant is present in the Arab Republic of Egypt but not very well known. It is found in the Gulf
Also there are other plants that expel the law and often have a smell of leaves .. Like camphor trees .. But certainly not suitable to be placed in the Balk .. Because it is planted in the streets is a very large tree and fast growing

But you can plant basil, mint and mint will undoubtedly benefit .. And even if it did not cause the great degree will benefit from its beautiful smell .. And there is a clear that the plant tomatoes and celery expelled mosquitoes as well .. Dea useful in the work of power !!!!

As the last subject came about

Methods of expulsion of insects from the house

Although some insects] are now scattered
To eliminate ants
The powder cheeks, which we wash the pots, and clean him the bazaar Okmon, and do the laurel well as a clipper

Or you put some hot or cold Sudanese pills

As far as I want to make the pesticide, I do not have to dispense with the industrial modulator

M / K of the Sudanese heat
1/2 cup of grapes, pour the chamber
Then you add the water and stir it with a wooden spoon then add the soap.
When you use M / Y in a glass of water in a plastic hand gun and see where the ants are not going to go over it again

To eliminate ants, bugs, crayfish, and lice, the house cooks with the brown grain of the grain, or the house evaporates with the pomegranate or its crust, or evaporates in the oven.

To expel
They are the living creatures, the valleys and the scorpions
And the pomegranate is full of pomegranate, peel, or camomile, it is good, and God knows, even though I try them, they tell me and I can sprinkle the house with cloves.

To remove the cockroaches mix the sugar with 2 m / kg flour with 2 m / kg gubera milk with the addition of a master according to the desire and add water to get the dough and your hand with gloves Tkurinh Kuirat slim and put us in areas where the oil spike and its dimensions from the eyes of children

To eliminate Ein Kabbot mix the amount of the sunburst is crushed in accordance with the desire and to break it with water and fill it with a hand spray and spray it on the places where the nests of Ein Kabbut will not exceed again

In order to eliminate the law, under the ovary of the pillow, a throne of mint is placed, or two of the mints are kept in the navels for the hibernation chambers.
It is permissible to boil the mint or soak it in the filling or from the best tartrin and sprinkle it with the house like a perfumer and in the same situation as a pesticide

To drive the cats out of garbage, see the garbage basket in a circular shape, so that the garbage is not found. If you do not like the cat, you will enter one of the rooms in front of the door where the vinegar will not enter the cat.

To eliminate the parasites that are in al-Zarabi and produce tanniyeh or mattresses, it is permissible to work as mummies of cloves,

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