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Liquid oxygen pump

The liquid oxygen pump is a cryogenic liquid pump, which can improve the pressure of liquid oxygen and achieve the purpose of transporting liquid oxygen. It is commonly used as a liquid oxygen circulating pump in the main condenser evaporator, a process liquid oxygen pump arranged in parallel between the upper and lower towers, a product liquid oxygen pump for internal compression process and a liquid oxygen pump for storage tanks.Buy Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

It can be divided into two categories: centrifugal liquid oxygen pump and plunger liquid oxygen pump. The plunger type is generally used for pressing liquid with small flow and high pressure.Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Food Packaging

Centrifugal liquid oxygen pumps are widely used in large and medium-sized low-pressure air separation units, such as meter-time oxygen generator. Centrifugal liquid oxygen pump can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage. The pump with one impeller in the pump shell is called single-stage pump, and the multi-stage pump with multiple impellers in series in the pump shell is called multi-stage pump.Roots vacuum pump

As an integral part of air separation unit, liquid oxygen pump is used to circulate liquid oxygen or extract liquid oxygen from storage tank and press it into vaporizer. Gaseous oxygen after vaporization is conveyed to users under pressure.rotary vane vacuum pump

The liquid oxygen pump is mainly composed of eight parts: the base, the transmission mechanism, the cross head assembly, the pump body, the cylinder liner and the plunger, the pump head and the discharge valve, the sealing filler, the liquid filter screen and so on.Water ring vacuum pump

The working process of the liquid oxygen pump in the equipment is briefly introduced. The liquid oxygen in the reservoir is ****ed into the liquid oxygen pump through the through-9 valve. After pressurization, most of the liquid oxygen is discharged from the outlet of the liquid oxygen pump. After gasification, the gas cylinder is filled. A small part of the liquid oxygen in the pump body is evaporated and gasified by frictional heat generated by the plunger operation, and cooled by the through-1O valve discharging into the reservoir.Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

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