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<p>rubber gear bearing pad, guide wheel and other needs in harsh environments using precision mechanical parts. Phenolic cotton sheet as an industrial insulating material. According to the use of different is also divided into several grades. Its price is also very different. As I used to treat this material as tea tray tea friends, how should we identify the quality of this material? First, look at the density of cotton weaving yarn, the most high-grade cotton cloth used in </p>
<p>cloth close to the silk , Woven yarn is extremely fine uniform, fabric is very thin. A 50 mm thick plate needs thousands of pieces of fabric stacked together. So the price is very expensive. And the worst, the yarn density almost with the woven bag or sacks almost. In another case, it is a fiber that does not see cotton. This tea tray can be processed more fine, feel more smooth, but it's &quot;plastic&quot; very heavy. This is what we often hear from the &quot;paper&quot; board. Paper tray </p>
<p>tea tray I have not used, do not know how the effect will be. Paper substrate from the industrial use, the electrical performance and mechanical properties than the same level of cotton sheet is much lower. Therefore, the price of paper base plate is much lower than the cotton sheet. Through the above description, I believe we already know what is bakelite tea it! Bakelite tea composition of the composition, had a small series on the end of the introduction, we hope to understand the bakelite tea plate help, for more household items Knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the home decoration network.</p>
<p>home depot lawn fencing<br />
2x6 tongue and groove wood composite<br />
outdoor wood floor tiles on walls</p>

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