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<p>meeting, Gao Bin welcomed the visit of Forest King Wood Co., Ltd. to Yu'an, and exchanged views on the related matters of project investment. Accompanied by the Poverty Alleviation Office in the area, the Forest King Wood Co., Ltd.<a href=''>exterior wood grain composite paneling Mexico</a><br/> has inspected the Yu'an District investment enterprises Daheng bamboo flooring factory, the West River Township million acres of bamboo, along the Pi River Italy Yang Lin, the region Rich in bamboo resources and a good investment environment expressed satisfaction,cheap floors for screened in porches Canada the initial intention to invest 130 million yuan. After the completion of the project put into operation for the development of Yu'an rich </p>
<p>bamboo resources, driven by the surrounding masses to get rich and local economic development has a great role in promoting. Jilin Forest King Wood Co., Ltd. is China's Baoan Group belongs to the wood flooring business,<a href="">Wood Plastic Flooring is an Economical Option</a> Baoan Group is one of the backbone industry. China Baoan Group has a listed company Ma Ying-long pharmaceutical and wholly-owned enterprises and holding more than 20 enterprises. June 28,false ceiling wpc Patio Jilin forest workers Jinqiao floor group officially announced in Changchun, 'Jinqiao card' non-formaldehyde solid wood composite flooring, impregnated veneer wood composite functional flooring formal industrial production. And </p>
<p>its unique 'non-formaldehyde' environmental characteristics will be a strong landing in the international and domestic flooring market. Jinqiao Flooring Group in order to meet the domestic and foreign users of the <a href="">rustic furniture made from used wooden picket fence</a><br/>environmental performance of flooring products requirements, leading the green consumption, and promote domestic solid wood flooring technological progress, and strengthen the scientific research institutes with thediscount waterproof decks and patios scientific research institutes. Close cooperation, and strive to scientific research into advanced products, and in the country first from Japan to introduce the first automatic aldehyde-free plastic paste pressure line, always </p>

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