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<p>solid base, Covered with polymer characteristics of PVC resin, processed by the hundreds of processes. Product lines realistic and beautiful, super wear-resistant, the surface is not smooth and smooth, and environmentally friendly non-toxic, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, but also anti-skid, waterproof, fire and so on. There are two kinds of structures with homogeneous heart and compound. The same quality of the heart of the stone floor is made of PVC and </p>
<p>marble powder additives made of the floor, this floor stain resistance, wear resistance is relatively poor, single color, dimensional stability is poor, but the price is widely used. The composite stone floor has a multi-layer structure, the surface of the UV treatment, color layer, stone layer and the composition of the grass, floor wear resistance, stain resistance, dimensional stability are better than homogeneous heart stone floor , And colorful, rich, is the current market </p>
<p>and decoration more like the floor. The main raw materials: PVC resin, natural stone powder, combined with more than 10 kinds of non-toxic substances from the combination of raw materials. Forming method: the selection of domestic advanced extrusion equipment, heating out of a whole molding. The appearance of the use of four-tier treatment, the first layer of the appearance of color using a hot transfer technology, the appearance of color never fall off, </p>
<p>marine plywoods ukraine<br />
playground floor covering ideas<br />
trex cost per square foot</p>

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