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Introduction to the Advantages of Ore Milling Equipment

After the use of the ore milling equipment that produced by Henan Hongxing, many customers think that this machine has the advantages of long services life and good performance. The hammer head produced in Hongxing machinery has the good repute in this industry. It is the first brand in the domestic crushing industry.
The followings are the advantages of ore milling equipment in the coal crushing operation:
1. The hammer head of the ore milling equipment can crush the raw material and overcome the blocking phenomenon due to the high content of moisture in the material.
2. The big feeding port is convenient to the crush of the coal with large particle. The coal powder content in the final product is less.
3. The hammer head adopts the new design, which can bear the larger impact force. The service life is long and the overall efficiency is high.
As we all known, the abrasion condition of the hammer head is related to many factors, such as: the properties particle size, category, hardness, moisture content, and the temperature of the material, the liner speed of hammer head, the design of discharging gate. To the manufacturer of ore milling equipment, the proper selection of the material is very important. After long terms of practice, the experts form Hongxing Machinery has researched out the best material for the manufacturing of the ore milling equipment.

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