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<p>are very harmonious The Longan solid wood flooring shortcomings: Fulong long solid wood flooring stability is better, but not suitable for geothermal heating. Today's content is mainly introduced what is the longan solid wood flooring, the advantages and disadvantages of longan solid wood flooring, hoping to understand the solid wood flooring to help. More floor knowledge, all in the home decoration network.Ship wood flooring is the choice of fine wood </p>
<p>production of the floor, there are two main, one is the ancient wooden floor, there is a kind of imitation ship wood flooring. Here and Xiao Bian together to understand what the advantages and disadvantages of boat flooring. First, the advantages of boat flooring boat flooring since a unique style, through the exquisite craftsmanship to create a sense of history, simple and solemn, show different life taste, the natural temperament harmoniously into the home, enjoy the </p>
<p>return to the goodness of nature The The floor has a special protective material finishes, completely retain the boat wood itself, the pattern and decoration to protect the floor from outside damage, feel good, and for the floor run on a layer of beautiful colors. Boat wood flooring with the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of life, material is precious, is a rare both practical and artistic sense of the floor, step on the top, people from the soles of the feet and the soul of both </p>
<p>non slip application for composite decking<br />
percentage of plastic on wpc<br />
pool deck replacement</p>

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