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<p>room cinema theater wall fiber wood insulation board environmental protection Mianqi noise reduction: 46 yuan / square meter. Colorful wood ceiling wall conference room recording studio sound - absorbing material: 65 yuan / square meter. Sound high - density polyester fiber sound - absorbing panels sound insulation sound - absorbing room test room piano room environmental decorative panels: 45 yuan / square meter. The above is the characteristics and price </p>
<p>introduction of the wood sound-absorbing ceilings introduced by Xiaobian at home. We hope to help you. Learn more about decoration materials, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.Wood flooring is a major home decoration in the main material. There are many kinds of wood flooring material, ebony is one of them, then what is ebony? Ebony flooring What are the advantages and disadvantages? Please see below. First, what is ebony </p>
<p>ebony, produced in the tropical rain forest area, the growth period is very slow, very precious wood, fine materials, density, brown and small, heavy oil, hardness, ebony hard, Smooth, the surface of the package after the formation of the package is very bright, like bronze mirror can be Kam, while the feeling of ebony is also very good, made of wood flooring, the foot feel particularly comfortable. Second, the advantages of ebony flooring 1, wood shiny, decay, no </p>
<p>rockwood cladding prices sa<br />
ceiling panels decorative Ukraine<br />
wall panel for porch</p>

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