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strengthening the floor laboratory

<p>pure water, but the amount of formaldehyde released from the floor is even lower,<a href=''>railing cost per sqft</a>  but the "release" and "content" are two distinct concepts. Floor boiled noodles, to mislead the consumer is 0.5 or 1? E0 floor of the formaldehyde emission in the end what is the number of some publicity is formaldehyde emission in the detection environment is less than 0.5mg / L, which is now the industry and Consumers are well aware of the standard.However, because "E0" is not a national standard; so some brands in the floor testing,15 inch composite decking the requirements of the testing department according to their own enterprise standards for testing, and their own corporate </p>
<p>standards as 1mg / L. This means that these brands can be daring to claim that their formaldehyde mass in the 0.99mg / L below the floor, have become "E0" floor.<a href="">manufacturers or distributors of portable wooden walkways</a>  Uncertainty of the standard means that consumers blindly believe that their propaganda will be deceived. And these floors can even escape the punishment of the law. Believe that the national standard E1, more reliable; the so-called "E0" standard is not protected by law, build things using landscape timberdifferent enterprises can be different definitions and explanations, there is no guarantee. Quality inspection departments: industry and corporate self-discipline is the way to reporters on the matter specifically consulted the </p>
<p>Chengdu product quality inspection by strengthening the floor laboratory. <a href="">armor deck renew reviews</a> The department head pointed out that the product in the continuous development of this standard to be constantly updated to adapt to the market. But companies should not focus on how to use the relevant provisions of the country loopholes. Enterprises should strengthen self-discipline, while mobilizing industry self-discipline. Manufacture products that are responsible to consumers,composite cellulose sheathing material and do socially responsible businesses. Ruijia boss Jie Jie floor industry signed four strange like the same sign, different brands of the road number is not the same boss to go around the market </p>

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