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method of 3 kinds of installation real wood floor

<p>Although incident of the floor that bring a letter thes whole thing comes to light stage by stage, but the indoor environment problem that consumer or very ugly clear clothbound build the house.wood plastic buyer singapore Current, association of environmental protection industry raises action: Clothbound room should check the building materials such as the floor regularly. Point to the accessory that will decorate mark of room environment check label owner to buy a contract definitely completely namely.sell soft boat decking Namely once owner detects what discovery buys a house indoor environment occurrence pollution, have authority rejection or ask to rectify and reform. Ensured the client's health so. </p>

<p>Decorate a room to hit to wrap  frowzily completely</p>
<p>decorates a room completely indoor air pollution basically is to point to the formaldehyde that releases from inside building adornment material, paint, coating, adhesive or TVOC organic volatile,modern style green patio flooring a lot of unwitting owner live in air to pollute the annulus churchyard that exceeds bid all the time, bring about a disease to cause. For the person buy a house of this big to was being spent price honest too was in an unfavorable situation. </p>
<p>Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, although at present installs letter floor board,the formaldehyde of each batch detects it is qualification, but this masks building materials trade hard, use in the material that decorates a room to go up completely to exist especially the jerry, fact that uses poisonous and harmful raw material. The 925  of residential that just announce according to Shanghai plan, the area that whole town decorates the residence completely is occupied about build commodity housing gross area to will be achieved 60% , and it is only during 915  of 20% . If do not have seasonable and significant step to control quality, decorate a room to will become the great hidden danger of common people safety completely. </p>
<p>Sampling observation of fixed to building materials environmental protection</p>
<p>And uneven to at present building materials market,84 lumber fence panel prices the product that association still suggests to produce manufacturer to building materials takes environmental protection mechanism of  of fixed batch sampling observation, control quality from fountainhead. Detected limits includes paint of goods of man-made board, man-made board, dissolvent carpentry, inside wall paint, adhesive, wallpaper, pvc coils the relevant product such as material floor, carpet, marble, granitic, floor tile, examination project involves formaldehyde, heavy metal and benzene to wait. </p>
<p>Association controller expresses, sampling observation mechanism should be cycle with 4 months, have spot sampling inspection to relevant product regularly. Before answering, sampling observation deposits the storehouse of product of qualification of routine inspection test or sale room toward production and sale business, in principle presses every model norms in draw-out the 3 units product of a batch undertakes sampling randomly, approved sample and eliminate make good record after apparent label, send to directly detect accordingly the orgnaization undertakes examining.  and the tripartite that inspection agency should approbate by the government is held the position of. </p>

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