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matters needing attention in the ore milling equipment

With the continuous development and progress of the society, ore milling equipment as the most basic equipment, provide the most basic raw materials for the industry, so the demand is increasing greatly, also attracted more people involved in this industry, but many investors to understand the mill is not deep, so to maximize duplex ore milling equipment's working efficiency, the reason is because the maintenance method of ore milling equipment and some matters needing attention and is not very understanding, so that the correct installation method of ore milling equipment understanding and maintenance method is particularly important.

The mill can be widely applied to metallurgy, deep processing of building materials and other industries, the range is very broad, so many people are willing to invest in this industry, so for the majority of the initial investors purchase is a very important step, so to experience and good reputation of the manufacturers, because only professional manufacturers can give professional customers know, and professional manufacturer of milling the opportunity to have quality assurance, and wear resistant parts post mill replacement words is quite a large sum of investment, therefore, professional manufacturers more reliable, in the purchase and maintenance of equipment after installation is, first of all, in the equipment arrived at the scene have not when installed, should be proper care, make the device away from the wind, and prevent rain, or rain will make the equipment into the rust has not started to work on these problems is really not worth it, thus to establish the perfect double ore milling equipment maintenance system.

It is in order to equipment to normal operation, then, in the time of the installation must be in strict accordance with the manufacturers to provide instructions to install, shutdown sequence in strict accordance with the correct boot sequence, and that there can be no mistakes. Finally, pay special attention to the following matters. First of all, ore milling equipment from the factory operation after a period of time, to the host system, and each device for cleaning and inspection, is to ensure the lubrication system have enough oil, to ensure the smooth running of equipment, secondly must pay special attention to the material humidity, viscosity and material composition, because of the different materials selected ore milling equipment are not the same, only to choose the most appropriate equipment will ensure maximum efficiency of mill can work, but once the wear parts problems must be promptly replaced, if wear parts no longer wear, will affect the efficiency of grinding machine is serious, but also to complex mill damage, therefore, small make up to remind our customers need to be treated with caution mill, in strict accordance with the requirements to operate ore milling equipment.

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