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Detailed of rehabilitate of floor of damage real wood is solved

<p>Multilayer solid wood adds up to floor and lacquer face lock compound floor (MDF is base material) of collapse edge complain also increasing ceaselessly, according to complained spot circumstance analysis,immitation wood grain cladding prices uk basically be like next elements: </p>
<p>1, the product produces an ingredient</p>
<p>Multilayer solid wood adds up to floor and lacquer face lock compound floor (MDF is base material) after opening tenon, besmear in roller or drench in the process of besmear, the excessive outside paint reachs the tongue-and-groove point of the floor, the actual width of paint film is more than the facing width of the floor, for the floor collapse edge generates hidden danger,park plastic wood diy flooring the excessive outside paint is more, the opportunity of floor collapse edge is greater. To driving the manufacturing technology of tenon post-coat lacquer first, phenomenon of the excessive outside paint is inevitable, although cannot decide,be quality problem according to corresponding product standard, we must cause height to take seriously, take step, decrease as far as possible every time the ply of lacquer, drench especially besmear is more important, fall the excessive outside paint to the smallest degree. </p>
<p>2, install an element</p>
<p>The tongue-and-groove as a result of the floor is tightened too or circumstance of a little slight bent leaves the floor board, the installation resistance of the floor is greater, power of the knock when the floor is installed is too great and inhomogenous, cause indentation of local brim paint film to fall off. Its characteristic is installation hind can discover,floor option for under deck enclosure Ethiopia mobbish distributings randomly, the amount that produce is less. Taking step is the floor that relies on to be installed when module with head of a floor, attack module with rubber hammer light clap next, make the floor relies on to tighten each other, knock process wants forcibly even. </p>
<p>Additional, use dozen of keel installation is multilayer when solid wood joins a floor board, somebody hits the nail on tenon tongue, because the head of a nail is heavy without perfect the tongue that enter tenon is medium, when a floor,easy cleaning appear on the board range that makes hammer part in tenon tongue on the packet of protruding, serious when can appear in the brim of packet collapse edge phenomenon. Its characteristic is collapse edge can discover after installation, have the law distributing, the amount that produce is less. Taking step is installation when the floor, the nail is hit in tenon chamfer a side. </p>
<p>3, the the earth's surface is rough whole</p>
<p>Because the the earth's surface is rough whole, after floor shop is installed, gap produces between square floor and ground personally, people ambulates in the process, the floor moves up and down, mutual attrition causes the side between the floor collapse edge. Its characteristic is a floor after the shop is installed, the section that produces in people to often ambulate by the side of collapse, and it is local. </p>
<p>Taking step is the flatness that the ground must measure first before floor shop is installed, its flatness should be less than 3mm/2000mm, do not have conditional area, should undertake spreading installing again after make level first. </p>
<p>4, circumjacent obligate aperture is insufficient when floor shop is installed</p>

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