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the flooring industry will survive

<p>difficult, it was said that 07 years may be the death of the flooring industry. There is an old saying: after the robbery survived more tenacious. Although we have experienced a series of hit, <a href=''>low cost Composite Front Doors Ghana</a>internal and external difficulties, but we are still insist on the industry's insistence, but also for their own insistence. That is because we are convinced that the flooring industry still has a lot of space to develop, there is a great potential to dig.Inexpensive Flooring Enclosed Porch Norway For those major events that may change our entire industry, we can not plan, but what we can do is to face the catastrophe and move on to the new world. Determined to go forward Although 06 is an extraordinary year, the flooring </p>
<p>industry is facing too many difficulties and crises,<a href="">composite rustic barn siding uae</a> but we firmly believe that can withstand such a harsh competitive environment and living environment. For what has happened, we can not change, so we should focus on how to develop the future problems, the flooring industry will survive, how to move forward.reuse polystyrene foam composite We have to learn the painful lessons in order to avoid the new catastrophe again. 1. Analyze the update requirements of the flooring market and the trend of the macro environment, and reorient the development direction of the enterprises. In the 2006 flooring market, the growth of the broad categories has been very slow, in the old floor types </p>
<p>on the brand homogenization of serious,<a href="">backyard patio wood plastic door</a> no one brand in which a large category of products on the absolute dominant position, therefore, the next few years Many brands to adapt to the enterprise resources on the development of large categories of products. And gradually form a two brands in a major category of products to form a dominant position. 2. The rise of the flooring industry requires outstanding elite talent to use modern competition theory to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise. Ten years ago the floor industry talent is mostly production management,cheap wpc canada sale and now we need more in product research and development and international </p>

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