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thousands of market

Data shows, current job involves Beijing lumber and wood thousands of market of more than 100 traditional lumber, enterprise, one from population of course of study, build outdoor bench seat from composite material area of linkage annulus Bohai Sea is annual a yuan commerce gross. If scanty solution not do one's best, the small state carrying line of business with giant gross may " break up the whole into parts " ,

the department of urban and rural union that goes to Beijing dispersedly, to capital future development brings higher processing cost. Accordingly, how to reduce marine yachts boat deck composite materials an enterprise to migrate to the greastest extent cost, become the key of scanty solution.

"Leave the core business natural resources that accords with capital fixed position, for instance taxation, capital, talent, credence, what have profit to the enterprise,best composite wood over steel steps can help an enterprise decrease negative, for instance storage content flows, change of conventional production treatment goes Beijing, realize each win-win. " Yan Rui eaves says, wooden industry moves greatly benefit will be sought in scanty solution, with benefit stimulative industry upgrades.

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