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foreign flooring brand to take

<p>Beijing Interior Decoration Industry Association,<a href=''>deck boards for sale</a> Canada Jiahan Forestry (International) Group Co., Ltd. specific contractors of an industry event. Canadian famous international friends Dashan hosted the summit meeting. Relevant leaders together with nearly 200 real estate developers, flooring industry experts, decoration industry experts, well-known decorative company designers and friends of the media gathered together, wonderful point of view again and again. Zhang Linwei,composite no pollution wood arbor discount Director General of China Forestry Industry Association Zhang Zhenlin, Secretary General of Beijing Interior Decoration Association Shen Zhenhai, Secretary General of China </p>
<p>Real Estate City Professional Development<a href=''>how much do faux beams cost</a> Committee Wang Ping, Director of National Wood-based Panel Testing Center China Forest Products Lv Bin, Deputy Secretary-General of China Chamber of Commerce, Gao Zhihua, Vice President of China Woodworking Association, Zhao Weimao, Vice President of Sino-Forest (International) Group, Zhou Qinghua, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Maple Wood Industry Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and The subject was made and home make deck and roof The forum is worth noting that the foreign flooring brand to take the lead in response to the Chinese government called the concept of a conservation-oriented </p>
<p>society into the flooring industry,<a href=''>replacements slats for outdoor end park bench</a> initiated and hosted the forum is the North American wood giant --- Canada Sino-Forest International Co., Ltd. (Sino-Forest), which is currently the largest and one of the largest foreign companies in China to carry out comprehensive forestry management, Sino-Forest has been pursuing "3T / 2E" model, that is, tree (Tree), technology ), Trade (Ecology), economic (E? Juan conomy) as a whole integrated operational concept and operational principles.above ground pool deck coping united kingdom Jahan Forestry regards forestry resources as the most important source of raw materials and an important resource for society as a whole. In the world, Sino-Forest has </p>

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