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floor of low carbon environmental protection

<p>One has the flooring of technology of research and development of our country core, innovated our country is commonner the product is energy-saving the new height of material of content of 30% strong,no fade flooring for balcony  low formaldehyde and technology. </p>
<p>As the progress of floor technology, solid wood adds up to a floor to be paid close attention to increasingly by consumer, but suffer the element effect such as price of world lumber resource, floor, enter masses consumer family very hard all the time. To solve technical problem, floor of company of treatment of famous floor of Ou Dian and home, Germany develops system jointly, solid wood of double deck of joint research and development joins a floor board, export Euramerican market, via two years foreign market sells a service, 2010 National Day mid-autumn two before, this achievement is designed with internationalization, low carbon science and technology, energy-saving fall the advantage such as bad news lands home market, cause consumer deep love and expert attention. </p>
<p>The that held in Beijing a few days ago is sagacious and classical on news briefing of future of science and technology, tang Shaoqun of deputy secretary-general of committee of floor board of association of Chinese forestry industry expresses, environmental protection tastes pair of floor industry development newly to rise to urge action actively, prospective guild will push 3 trends, it is to promote floor sex price to compare;1x6 composite landscape edging  the 2 consequence; that are promotion brand 3 it is to build favorable market environment. He emphasizes a basis consumer demand, want to let have the innovation product predominate of safeguard, for the progress of the industry, provide better service for consumer. </p>
<p>Floor product concerns 10 thousand 1000, with material, installation the possibility arises the pollution that goes against human body health, be badly in need of development of entire industry low carbon. Beijing disappear assist complain with man of head of department of legal general affairs Dan Ke points out, consumer is due and safe authority, have more before the protection of look up sex,outdoor wooden floor tiles in dhaka  should stand in the progress that the product sees after year, see the product of lead sex, the product that takes out more to suit consumer and measure drive the market. Consumer and operator should accomplish integral interest to agree as far as possible, reduce local difference as far as possible, on harmonious runway appearance coexists. </p>
<p>Industry expert points out, ambient air quality is one of focuses that people pays close attention to all the time, especially indoor the ambient air quality that decorate, new technology and material of environment of new student state, reflected the dominant position of low carbon science and technology, people expects the zoology environment new material of free from contamination of more and true green. do it yourself wood panels  Beijing Europe heart decorates Yan Peijin of president of data limited company to point out, the enterprise wants a product to accomplish low carbon, be in not only product itself, serving a process also is mild important segment, direct from national policy consumer demand, reach an industry take an active part in, have low carbon action, each respect must perfect union. </p>

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