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restore this floor back

This floor today in a Safety Bay home is 25 years old and has never been professionally cleaned.
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How did I restore this floor back to new again?افضل شركة غسيل سجاد بالرياض
I just turned up the water pressure and let the rota jet use 1200 psi of cleaning power to blast away all those old layers of dried dirt and grime completely off and removed up the vac pipe. افضل شركة جلى بلاط بالرياض
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See pics here of half cleaned areas. Your floor will come up as good as this guaranteed.شركة جلى بلاط بالرياض
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Call or text Gareth on 0499 748 262 for more info and a free quote. شركة تخزين عفش بالرياض
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Or send a message via this GroutMagic business page and I'll get back to you within 30 mins  
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