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<p>supply. From this point of view, with the improvement of living standards,<a href=''>new composite soffit materials</a> people for environmentally friendly products and green home needs more intense, which will become the home industry development trend. 2012 floor industry, channel competition will be unprecedented intense in China's flooring industry, many second and third line brands are generally regional advantages of the brand, this year for them is bound to surging a year, both to achieve their own to the country Market development on the breakthrough,floor plastic carpet  but also face the local market in the first-line brand competition. In general, the main trends are the following: Trend 1: to achieve "point to </p>
<p>face + horizontal integration" of the strategic layout. Second and third floor flooring brands are generally regional advantages of the floor brand, are ranked in their own base, in order to achieve the dream of the national brand,<a href="">household remedies for oxidation on composite railings</a> the market must break through the regional restrictions to extend the country. Therefore, 2012, second and third floor flooring brand to implement the "point to face, horizontal integration" of the market strategy to complete the strategic layout of the national market, specifically through the following points: First, through the central market breakthrough, Market expansion,building privacy fence with 5 4 boards  and ultimately the regional flooring brand in the national </p>
<p>market layout. It can be said that the development of foreign markets will become the regional flooring brand growth in the next few years the biggest driving force. Second,<a href="">cost of wood plastic composite decking prices review</a> efforts to open up the market share in neighboring provinces. Finally, in order to meet the huge market demand, regional brands can also be strategic in the implementation of the "horizontal industry chain integration" (ie "strong combination" development path). Trend II:wpc decking wholesale price list to establish a bright brand banner. What is the soul of the brand? How to let consumers see a floor brand will be flocking? This is precisely the floor brand in 2012 need to consider the key issues. After the "gold </p>

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