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Gold Ore Crusher Machine

Gold ore crusher is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other departments. Gold Ore Crusher according to the size of the feed and discharge size is divided into coarse, broken and crushed. Commonly used gravel equipment jaw gold ore crusher, counterattack gold mine crusher, composite gold crusher, hammer crusher, roller type gold crusher and so on several.

Gold ore jaw crusher for crushing compressive strength of 147 ~ 245MPa in a variety of ore and rock coarse, medium, crushing, with a large crushing ratio, product size uniformity, simple structure, reliable, easy maintenance, low operating costs.

The grappling crusher is capable of handling a variety of materials with a particle size of not more than 500 mm and a compressive strength of not more than 360 MPa. The grappling crusher is widely used in the fields of expressway construction, water conservancy engineering and building crushed stone processing with its excellent performance and good performance.

Gold Ore Crusher Working Principle
First of all, the material from the upper part of the machine vertical fall into the high-speed rotation of the impeller, and then under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, and another part of the umbrella-shaped shunt in the impeller around the material impact, and then formed between the impeller and the powerful eddy In, again or repeatedly impact each other, friction, crushing. And finally from the lower part of the gold ore crusher discharge, and then by the screening equipment to achieve the required finished product size.

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