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Choose and buy environmental protection floor

<p>wooden floor want a medium floor always nurture is green, daily floor maintains cannot ignore. As in recent years arisen ground decorates material, green of bamboo wood floor is healthy, and gift is worn deep bamboo culture connotation,Wall Panels Systems For Basement get the favour of partial personage greatly. Network of Chinese wood floor is small make up remind: We are undertaking bamboo floor maintains should notice when cleanness the following 4 little detail. </p>

<p>Bamboo floor maintains Knowledge: </p>
<p>1, keep indoor and ventilated dry environment</p>
<p>Regular the ground keeps indoor and ventilated, the chemical material that can make a floor medium already as far as possible volatilize, row to outdoor, can make indoor wet moist air and room diplomacy are changed again. Be in especially do not have the inhabited,Twin Son Composite Cladding Order Online circumstance that maintain for a long time to fall, indoor ventilated it is more important to breathe freely. Commonly used practice is: Often hit open an account or room, make air convection, or use air regulating system and system of take a breath, create indoor Gan Shuang's clean environment thereby. </p>
<p>2, avoid sunshine insolate and water wringing</p>
<p>Some buildings sunshine or rainwater can enter indoor local range from the window directly, this will produce a harm to bamboo floor. Sunshine can quicken the ageing of lacquer face and glue, return the drying shrinkage that can cause a floor board and craze. After rainwater is wringing, bamboo absorbs water portion to cause expand be out of shape, serious still can make a floor mildewy. best wood to use for patio cover In because this is in,be being used daily, want special try to notice. </p>
<p>3, avoid attaint floor appearance</p>
<p>The adornment layer of the floor of lacquer face since of bamboo floor, it is the covering layer of the floor, accordingly, should prevent good thing bump, the attrition of the cut of edge tool, metal, chemical article also cannot be deposited indoors.Plastic Lumber Landscape Timber For Courtyard Additional, indoor furniture is being carried, put down gently should take care when shift, the foot of furniture should fill up the rubber that put rubber tree to wait. Public, basically should connecting lid of path upper berth to wait. </p>
<p>4, correct cleanness is done</p>
<p>In daily use process, should regular ground cleanness floor, maintain the clean sanitation of the ground. When cleanness, can mix dirt with clean broom first sundry sweep clean, next the dishcloth that reoccupy twists dry water is wiped artificially, if the area is too large when, can wash cloth mop clean, hang a dry water again, with will pull only area.wooden platform support Cut cannot bathe, also cannot clear with damp dishcloth or mop. If have hydrous material douse,be at ordinary times when the ground, should wipe with dry dishcloth instantly dry. </p>
<p>If the condition allows, OK still and removed period of time hits floor wax In order to strengthen the protection to the floor. If paint face has damage, can oneself fill to go up or ask manufacturer to repair with common varnish. </p>

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