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New PVC wood-plastic composite materials widely recyclable

Traditional wood products are perishable, not durable, easy to breed bacteria, not acid and alkali, non-flammable and other shortcomings. By the Shanghai Seven Co., Ltd. of the new PVC wood-plastic composite materials, not only make up for the lack of traditional wood products, and 100% recyclable, is expected to market.
This new type of PVC wood-plastic composite material is produced by the company's PVC resin and plant fiber processing compound, in addition to the above characteristics, but also has a low cost advantage. Widely used, can be used to make wall panels, room partitions, building templates, highway noise baffle, packaging and logistics with the combination of trays and storage shelves, as well as residential and commercial open-air building materials.
In addition, this new PVC wood-plastic composite materials have been recently through the "National Plastics Quality Supervision and Inspection Center" test.
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