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As the floor price situation

<p>the ills, effectively improve the use of laminate flooring life.<a href=''>pvc fence manufacture in malaysia</a> Faus company molded chamfering patent products in 2011 China's market demand for wood is huge, and because China's timber market is more than 40% by imports, so in 2011 China's timber imports will continue to increase. Which Russia, Africa, South America and other forest-rich areas will continue to be the main object of China's timber imports. In general, in the wood sheet, from this year,light weight floor tile by the freight, labor, raw material prices, timber prices can be described as all the way soaring. As the floor price situation, the flooring market situation is not gratifying, but the product price is </p>
<p>changing, the profits continue to be compressed.<a href="">Wood Plastic Garden Decking</a> The floor price is affected by the floor price. The main reason is still in the national property market strict control policy, many consumers are in wait and see state, as the strongest dependence on the real estate market floor, the overall sales in 2010 showed a downward trend, and because the price of floor blanks are constantly Ascension. In the case of the market downturn,different kind of wood fences businesses are afraid to raise the floor price, the floor of the profits and thus be further compressed, business more pressure. Redwood continues to strengthen For mahogany, in the last year there have been more substantial rise, such </p>
<p>as down incense red sandalwood, March 2010 selected material reported 4000-8000 yuan / kg, to the price in September has reached 9000-11000 yuan / kg ; Another example,<a href="">advantages and disadvantages of panelling</a> Vietnam pear, driven by the upsurge of investment, the Vietnamese pear prices and rose. At the beginning of last year, Vietnam pear general material reported to more than 30 million / ton, to May, Vietnam pear general material reported 500,000 yuan / ton, after 10 months offer is more than 700,000 yuan / ton.grills for sliding glass doors colombo Looking ahead to the trend of the timber market in 2011, in the case of mahogany, although the country will continue to implement the property control policy in 2011, </p>

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