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Large Scale Ultrafine Mill Performance Advantage

With China's milling industry to the internationalization of the road to move, raw materials processing industry has reached the international level. Ultrafine Mill in the mechanical milling industry also has a higher status. In order to meet the needs of the market, ultrafine mill gradually have to scale the development trend. Today, we will come together to understand the characteristics of large-scale ultrafine mill. This will help us to better understand about the large milling machinery.

First of all, large-scale ultrafine mill equipment is characterized by its ability to increase production capacity, that is, the amount of grinding increased. But according to the unit time in the flour rate, large equipment processing products output equivalent to six conventional equipment. Therefore, in fact, the device can greatly reduce the occupied area, thereby saving workshop use and investment costs. Such a huge factory installation function, can bring more benefits for the enterprise.

Second, the use of new ultrafine mill mechanical structure is the law of the new grinding equipment, in the course of running, grinding roller and grinding ring can always be maintained at equilibrium. This forms the linear structure of the grinding area. With the traditional production equipment, the same energy consumption, making the production can reach 30 to 40 percent, thus greatly improving the production efficiency of the enterprise.

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