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Five main problems of wood-plastic sheeting:

The first problem is the moisture content of wood-plastic materials is too high, wood-plastic materials tend to have 16-21% of the porosity, resulting in its easy to break, vulnerable to microbial contamination. The solution is to maximize the control and reduce the moisture content of wood-plastic fiber components, while not exceeding the production and manufacturing process necessary temperature and speed.
Second, the amount of antioxidants is too low, resulting in wood-plastic plate easily oxidized, easy to fall off the surface. The solution is simple: adding the right amount of antioxidant to the wood-plastic material. The proper amount of the oxidant is the critical reading value induced by the oxidation of the wood-wood product and is read by the differential calorimeter.
The third hidden danger is that after the manufacture of wood-plastic material shrinkage occurs, which is the biggest problem in the rapid cooling process, especially in the hollow sheet. Simple solutions include allowing wood-plastic panels to have sufficient time to place, cool and shrink in the production shop; do not need high-speed production of wood-plastic sheets when not necessary.
The fourth common problem is the product faded due to over-polished and pigmented pigments. The manufacturer can deal with this problem by reducing the grinding. In addition, it is possible to determine and add the necessary amount of inorganic pigments, such as iron oxide.
Finally, the surface of many wood-plastic panels is too smooth is the most dangerous problem. In the damp environment, wood-plastic sheet is slimmer than ordinary wood, and even dry conditions are too smooth. It is recommended that manufacturers can help avoid this problem by printing textures on the surface of the sheet, changing the plastic content to increase traction, and using a coating provided by a specialist company.
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