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flooring industry is a resource-intensive industry

<p>president Guo Hui yesterday to the" First Financial Daily <a href="">ski boat deck flooring</a>"revealed The Foreign electricity said that due to the US real estate industry depression, the decline in the desire to buy furniture, furniture, furniture, a large number of closed down. This is Guo Hui as a bargain-hunting opportunities to the United States.latitude composite decking cracking Guo Hui said that most of the flooring industry enterprises in the face of "winter" and distress, as the industry leader, the elephant is already well prepared, has commissioned a US intermediary service agencies to start the acquisition and other related work. The initial plan was to acquire a controlling stake in the US distributor through an equity </p>
<p>acquisition. For the possible purchase price,<a href="">how to build a livestock panel deck railing</a> Guo Hui yesterday, preliminary estimates, may be invested tens of millions of dollars. China's largest home chain stores one of the Star Group Co., Ltd. Chairman and President Ding Zuohong yesterday in the "First Financial Daily" interview said that over the years,privacy fences or panels for a deck in the indone the US civilian wood furniture industry in the cost of competition has been lost The Facing the impact of low-cost China, the US furniture manufacturing industry in the local survival pressure is not small, is China, Southeast Asia and North America, Mexico and other low-cost countries and regions. The biggest value of the acquisition is that China's </p>
<p>domestic enterprises through the collection of channels to pilot internationalization. But the challenge is how to overcome the upstream source of raw materials. The flooring industry is a resource-intensive industry, <a href="">adding a bench or bar to an existing deck</a>the dependence on the upstream resources of the wood industry chain is very high, while the United States is not a major producer of wood raw materials. At present, China's flooring industry annual output value of about 45 billion yuan, buy icf walls wood fiber composite formis expected to 5 years annual sales growth rate of 15% to 25%. Before the elephant was "out of the sea", it had been divorced from Citigroup's CVC Asia Pacific Ltd ("CVC"). According to Song Tao, general </p>

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