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Requirements stated for usage of the BIXI bikes are that cyclists are 18years of age or older and at least 1.24mtall; however, after a credit card has been registered or an account has been created, there is no actual method of monitoringwho rides the bicycle. Furthermore, there is no requirement for helmets to be worn while on the bicycle, though BIXI encouragesriders to wear a helmet while cycling.2Cyclists over 18years of age in Toronto make the choice of whether or not to wear a bicycle helmet because helmet legislationin Ontario only applies to children. It was initially estimated that bicycle helmets decrease the risk of head injury by 85%.3 More recent estimates question whether the protective effect is that high, but meta analyses consistently demonstrate thatbicycle helmets prevent head injuries.4 The 2001 2007 Canadian Community Health Surveys showed that 41% of youth and adults in Ontario regularly use helmets whilecycling.5 Recent observational data revealed that only 50% of cyclists use helmets in the Greater Toronto Area.6In the City of Toronto, 13475 collisions were reported between cyclists and motor vehicles between 1986 and 1996, resultingin 38 cyclist fatalities.7 In the USA, as high as 500000 emergency care visits are attributable to injuries sustained while riding a bicycle, resultingin 900 deaths annually.
Seattle   Score: 22.5   Population: 598,541With extensive public transit, one of the country's most on time airports, and 50 miles of new bike lanes in the last two years, our winning city, Seattle, is an icon of urban efficiency. City and impressively short waits for a doctor's appointment."Our 13 Neighborhood Service Centers are huge time savers," says Karin Zaugg Black, a spokesperson for the city's Office of Economic Development. "At many of them, you can apply for a passport, pay utility bills or parking tickets, or have a hearing with the magistrate."Also cool: The city's state of the art signal optimization program, which synchronizes hundreds of traffic lights, thereby allowing smoother travel through the city.Getting around: 3.5Health and safety: 5Information and technology: 4.5Green time savers: 52.
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