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flooring industry enterprises

<p>But the world floor, general manager of Beijing, said Fan Wenjian floor, <a href=''>Outdoor Landscaping Flooring California</a>even if the "double reverse" lost will have an impact on the enterprise, but still able to bear. "Enterprises in 2007 on the international market Changes have been insightful, decisively adjusted the strategic plan to strengthen the domestic market construction. "Compared with 2008, the current World Friends of the floor of the export share has been reduced by about 15%." outdoor wall panel mermaid AfricaThe group should deal with 'double reverse' investigation, not only for the market, but also for the honor of China's flooring business war. Liu Shuozhen, chairman of life floor, said the company's exports to the United States are high-end products in the channel selection, never with small dealers, wholesalers deal.</p>
<p>The company's exports are the brand value of the higher Companies,<a href="">cheap beadboard water proof</a> these companies pay more attention to product quality and design, the price is usually not too much care about. "Domestic market competition will intensify the industry generally believe that 242% of the anti-dumping tariffs once the decision to implement, for the export business will be a fatal blow.According to informed sources, in recent years, floor profits than six years ago has been substantial Decline,cheap patio fence sale price some exports to strengthen the floor of the profits even as low as single digits.In this regard, industry experts suggest that export enterprises will.</p>
<p>In the global financial crisis, China's flooring business is trying to staged "elephant dance." <a href="">plastic garden furniture wholesale to traders</a>"The International Business Unit has been responsible for approaching the export business, in the process of continuous integration into the international market also found a special business opportunities in the face of rampant financial tsunami, the US home industry is facing challenges,How to Build a Wooden Bench With Backrest we are also approached the acquisition of a US local dealer , Hoping to take the latter's channel to enter the mainstream market in the United States.The dealer is the world's largest building materials sales business owner Debao one of the partners. "Elephant Group, executive vice </p>

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