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<p>Method of laid of floor of woodiness of ground radiate heating has: Keel laid law, suspension laid law, stickup shop tries. </p>
<p>Keel laid method and installation want a place</p>
<p>Golden key serves detailed rules to set, keel laid law should note the following respects: </p>
<p>(1) is used at heating room system of radiate of microtherm hot water, heat the heat insulation of the thermal insulation that Guan Yingfu sets between keel board on, heat at protection with benefit outdoor moisture resistant deck tiles  Use at heating of radiate of calorific cable ground, have more strict regulation to calorific cable. Install experience according to domestic and international project, when installing a floor board to using wooden keel, the line power of calorific cable is unfavorable be more than 10W/m. </p>
<p>(2) keel secures the horizontal layer in fill layer to go up, unfavorable use chock to secure a law, can use glue or cement to secure. </p>
<p>(The ply of 3) overburden, should not be too thick, Wood Particle Composite Posts Uk  and battalion setting is adjustable seam. If heat,the canal is crossed adjustable when seaming, what appropriate sets length to not be less than 100mm is flexible bushing. </p>
<p>(No matter 4) is used why to plant laid method, overburden (horizontal layer and fill layer) the requirement of flatness and common floor is same, should amount to 2mm/2m. </p>
<p>(5) enclothes place of &le; of level moisture content to balance moisture content. </p>
<p>Method of suspension type laid and installation want a place</p>
<p>Real wood is multilayer the floor uses suspension type to install means more, the floor passes the data that fill up a layer clingy ground, do not put between floor and the earth's surface have crack, and obligate wants between the floor larger contractive crack. The tidal volume that releases as a result of hydro-thermal radiate heating is large, because this is moistureproof,Wooden Garbage Bin Supplier Uae  want concentrate one's efforts. </p>
<p>When the shop is installed, should clear above all the ground, the attention should clear the corner flat, those who make sure put apart is enough is adjustable seam. </p>
<p>The 2nd pace spreads a plastic cloth on the ground, with isolation humidity, should let plastic cloth fasten 10cm of tower above ground in 4 corners punish. Ground of laid of the 3rd pace is filled up. The attention wants put apart adjustable seam, interface place overlaps at least 5cm, and must use adhesive plaster sealed good. Want to use a few larger than common floor skirting board,Smart Side Fibre Vs Strand  and require independent construction. Ability of the floor after installation is over 24 hours is added lukewarm. To facilitate heat conduction, the data that fill up a layer is unfavorable heavy panel. </p>
<p>In addition, want to use floor of the heat of the earth's interior Special glue; cannot spread glue to fill up; to also cannot hit keel, because the meeting between such aperture saves available energy of life, airy coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, go against conduct heat. </p>

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