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Analysis of the ultrafine mill technology advantage

Ultrafine mill originated in continental Europe, in recent decades was introduced Chinese. Some of the core technology is still in European countries. Although the domestic technology level continuously improve, but the gap is still there. Similar equipment with foreign ultrafine mill of domestic production compared to what are the advantages and disadvantages? This paper mainly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of domestic XZM ultrafine mill, ultrafine mill and respectively, for customers to better understand these equipment.

Many domestic agent ultrafine mill. Sand making equipment in also have very good market development in china.Compared with the domestic ultrafine mill although the core technology can't tell than, but have the price advantage, after sale service is very convenient, so the market development is also very good. A piece of equipment across the ocean shipped to China, not only cost money, more is to delay the customer use of time. The same time to buy a set of equipment, SCM ultrafine mill that day might be shipped to the customer production site, but the German equipment is estimated to wait for several months. In the last few months, the customer loss of how much income, must have its own considerations. The German system of sand although technology is very advanced, but it is not beyond or catch.

Some domestic mining equipment maker has spent heavily in the introduction of foreign technology and manufacturing level of these, a lot of equipment but also with the world level standards. German equipment compared with ultrafine mill has more advantages in quality, because the Germans with serious and persistent. This point everyone must have heard about. Ultrafine mill at home generally is divided into horizontal hammer type, vertical shaft hammer type, vertical shaft impact type, roller type, several counter type etc..

Some manufacturers based on these kinds of research and development of the third generation, the fourth generation even sixth generation system sand machine. The equipment has been widely used in various domestic industries. For example, the grinding PPK finely process in the fields of mining, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mines, refractories, cement, abrasive etc material crushing; construction aggregate, highway road fabric, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate production; also can be used for river pebbles, rocks (limestone, granite, diabase, Xuan Wuyan and andesite), ore tailings, the artificial system sand and stone chips. Applications in these industries makes the performance advantage of ultrafine mill into full play.

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