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Wood plastic materials, what is the rational direction of development

First, general raw materials. According to the classification of wood raw materials, the use of performance and use, the development of a common standard requirements of wood plastic materials. Second, equipment specialization. As soon as possible to change the current use of plastic equipment for the production of the situation, improve and improve the production of wood products, equipment, to its specialization, serialization, standardization and standardization.
Third, high-end products. Wood plastic materials to the good processing performance as the basis, good production performance, fine workmanship, complex shape, beautiful surface profiles and complete sets of products and portfolio products.
Fourth, R & D market. The market needs performance characteristics, the price advantage of the product, should promote the rapid transformation of scientific research to promote the new market of wood products convergence. Fifth is the use of extensive. Wood products in the variety, the quality of the breakthrough should be a large area to promote and use, so that normalized, universal, for the majority of consumers willing to accept.
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