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Choose and buy of real wood floor Dimension

<p>Usually, we should notice a few detail when floor of choose and buy, such as design and color, chromatism, notch, grain. However we also not allow to ignore detail part when the floor is installed.what is the price of 2x4 composite wood Today, small make up apply glue, construction to maintain from floor laid means, floor wait for a respect to explain for everybody, the floor board that allows your home more wear well. </p>
<p>1, shop outfit means wants careful anthology </p>
<p>In this case, the floor that bring a letter assembles dimensional case according to the shop, recommend use ARK to spread ground treasure to extend a system completely. But after be being handled because of construction ground still not complete level off, accordingly, construction personnel achieves floor glue floor the reverse side to undertake spreading sticking directly. Plastic Wood Outdoor BeamsThis kind of means can save glue, general a glue can spread 3-4 square, reduced construction cost. </p>
<p>The floor installs little knowledge: What is the treasure that lay the ground? </p>
<p>The treasure that lay the ground is the  environmental protection that how  of domestic floor brand believes  to roll out + the chemical material with a kind of avirulent environmental protection that place of technology of  floor installation uses. The treasure that lay the ground can maintain the flatness of the floor, increase at the same time consensual, reduce the effect such as noise.Residential Roofing Shingles The treasure that lay the ground includes to spread system, Jing Yin completely system, shop system 3 kinds. </p>
<p>2, the floor applies glue to have key </p>
<p>The segment that uses gum also has skill but character, the means using gum that uses here is, of two end using gum is perpendicular as fore-and-aft as the floor, tilt among use gum, the span of two glue is 20cm left and right sides.Circular Benches For Fire Pits The floor after this kind of means can prevent a shop to install better happens be out of shape. </p>
<p>Note an accident besides the means beard that uses gum, the ply that use gum also has exquisite. Here, the construction group that how believes applies glue ply to be controlled in a centimeter. The ply that uses gum can inspect ground flatness commonly and decide. </p>
<p>3, the shop holds rate must fast </p>
<p>When the shop installs a floor board, an Xinhuan is protected + outfit of shop of the treasure that lay the ground is to use an edge to use the method that the shop side glue installs, this kind of operation is convenient, construction environment is clean, neat. After using gum, construction personnel undertakes with first-class rate the floor extends outfit process. </p>
<p>4, construction maintains cannot forget </p>
<p>What need an attention particularly is, in extending the process of outfit, floor surface can remain have glue, need uses cloth wipe up before sizy solidify. Here raised better demand to the construction of construction personnel. </p>

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