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ecological floor selected included

<p>This is not only far beyond the idea of ??contemporary flooring design, and guide the latest trend of the popular flooring. Painted floor with personalized design ideas, improve the custom process, not only applies to the family,<a href="">how to build wooden deck bench</a> but also can be used in exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants, bars, stage, studio, disco, office space and so on. In addition to providing a variety of graphic design, but also allows users to participate in the design, through the latest technology and strict quality assurance, the pattern printed on the floor, to achieve the world's unique personality effect.building curved wood fence In recent years, the environmental performance of the living room environment is the most concerned about the decoration, so, floor manufacturers began to control the formaldehyde content of adhesives, Began to develop antibacterial flooring. </p>
<p>The Haidi Wood on this basis, the introduction of the ecological floor can also achieve the effectiveness of indoor air purification. The product uses modern high-tech means to make this crystal ion material evenly penetrate into the wear layer of the reinforced floor,<a href="">black privacy fencing panel nigeria</a> so that the crystal ion ecological effect of the floor wear layer is equivalent. It is understood that this kind of ecological floor selected included in the national 863 plan new crystal ion high-tech materials. The crystal structure of the ion effect of the air can be formaldehydesawdust for composite alcohol and bacteria and other harmful substances into harmless oxygen and water. Moreover, the crystal ion material can be used as a wound astringent in the band-break, and the human body's skin and blood in direct contact with safe non-toxic. </p>
<p>The ecological effect of its crystalline ionic material is self-regenerating. It will achieve the effect of purifying the living room environment, while the use of air oxides to produce new ion effects.<a href="">price for veranda deck brazilian</a>ultra-solid wood flooring as a domestic and foreign wood flooring research institutions in recent years focused on the key ultra-solid wood flooring, officially became a new member of the wooden floor family, also In the current floor decoration exhibition debut, diy cattle panel railingit will strengthen the floor and solid wood flooring organic integration, taking into account the advantages of both, represents the development of the ground decoration materials new direction. The first category is in the traditional laminate flooring on the basis of the development of new products.</p>

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