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floor industry thinking feast

<p>which is China Forest Products Industry Association and the China Fashion Association to work together to design-oriented, the color And the application of organic combination, <a href="">sunproof deck solid stain</a>to achieve value innovation initiatives, to lead the Chinese consumer industry trends, and promote the industry and the market seamless docking. The conference brought together a number of flooring industry elite, Del, Kusheng and other well-known flooring industry giant share and impact the impact of the development of the flooring industry, an important point of view, triggering deeper thinking of the participants.burl wood grain plastic panels The annual meeting of the large amount of information, sharp, strong guidance, is a floor industry thinking feast, 2014 industry trends to the wind.</p>
<p>with the same period held 16 China International Ground Materials and Pavement Technology Exhibition will be further promoted Industry active, healthy and sustainable development (Shandong Jindi Wood).<a href="">benches on decking</a> With the gradual maturity of consumer psychology, "gold nine silver ten" market effect has gradually diluted, or even untrue. For the floor business, the holiday economy to bring their own huge profits are often easy to cause "usually do not burn incense,composite or wood deck holiday stroke" speculative psychology, although such businesses can rely on the holiday economy as a whole industry sales growth to obtain a substantial average Profit, but in the daily competition but can not explore effective marketing tools, and ultimately missed the opportunity for long-term development. </p>
<p>At present, Guangdong Yuzhu international timber market gold ivory solid wood flooring 460 �� 95 �� 18mm offer for 265 yuan / square meter. Daily Economic News <a href="">how to make a removable tarp panel for outdoor</a>"yesterday from the Shanghai Timber Industry Association was informed that in 2007 the total sales of domestic wood flooring will continue to maintain steady growth, but the proportion of sales structure will be adjusted, which strengthen the wood flooring to maintain steady rise, solid wood flooring sales will fall 13 %, While the solid wood flooring will catch up with solid wood flooring sales. According to reports,kindergarten building a fence out of recycled material the shortage of resources will lead to the 2007 solid wood and laminate flooring prices. </p>

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