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flooring production and sales

<p>leaders of the board associations and representatives from flooring companies from all over the country attended a total of more than 300 guests. Shandong Jindi Wood general manager Li Yunfeng,<a href="">deck design ideas quality decking supplier</a> deputy general manager Zou Jianmin participated in this event. Shandong Jindi Wood flooring to participate in the flooring industry development summit at the beginning of the General Assembly, Mr. Lu Bin on the floor of the professional committee of the 2013 summary of the work and 2014 work plan for the report,composite Plastic Wood Products Oregon with a view to continuously enhance the industry association service capabilities, pool industry forces, and jointly promote industry health steady development. China's flooring production and sales in 2013 about 400 million square meters.</p>
<p>an increase of about 6.0%, which is China's flooring industry production and sales continued to decline for the first time after two years of recovery, which can become China's flooring market warming signal?<a href=''>wearing a flower mural on a wooden fence</a> China's flooring industry status and future development trend in turn how? To answer the above questions, Zhang Senlin consultant, Ye Kelin, respectively, made a "China's flooring industry development thinking" and "2013 China flooring industry annual report" theme report. The two experts from a different perspective on the development of China's flooring industry, the existence of a series of issues,vinyl fence picket and consistent with the prospects of China's flooring industry confidence, and appeal to the flooring business situation, precipitation itself, and actively respond to the floor industry slowdown caused by internal and external difficulties.</p>
<p>Seeking competing development. The General Assembly invited Zhu Zhong, a president to do the "2013 real estate market situation and the 2014 market analysis,"<a href="">decking composite discount uae</a> the theme of the report, Zhu in the report in-depth analysis of the current analysis of China's real estate policy, market trends and information to help the floor business more clear Master the real estate situation and market opportunities. From the European Wood Flooring Industry Association of experts on behalf of the interpretation of "2013 Europe and the United States flooring market situation and the 2014 market outlook" to share the important information of the international flooring industry.prefab wood pool deck China Fashion Color Association color director Ms. Zhao Xia "2014-2015 international fashion color home decoration trend analysis" theme report.</p>

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