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We never anticipation we'd win the tournament

It was already ablaze from the accumulation stages of ( best site to buy FIFA Coins) the Blue Stars/FIFA Youth Cup 2017 that Olympique Lyonnais’ Alan Dzabana was a appropriate talent. The 20-year-old’s acceleration and abstruse runs acquired headaches for the opposing defences he came up against, and larboard them block shadows. The French youngster absolutely adapted the adidas Golden Brawl accolade for amateur of the tournament, and he played a key role in Lyon acceptable the Blue Stars appellation in their first-ever appearance.

"We’re over the moon. We never anticipation that we’d win the tournament," said Dzabana anon afterwards the final at the Buchlern Sports Complex. “We came to Zurich to see how far we would get, so acceptable the accomplished affair is acutely amazing for us. We played our own cast of football, we were able-bodied set up and, at the end of the day, we’re demography the bays home with us. What added could you ask for?"

Team-mate Anthony Racioppi, who best up the adidas Golden Glove for best goalkeeper, was appropriately captivated with his two canicule to Zurich. "I can’t accept that we’ve won the Blue Stars/FIFA Youth Cup in our first-ever appearance, and that I was declared as the best goalkeeper of the tournament. It’s amazing. I’m appreciative that I didn’t let in a individual ambition and managed to advice the aggregation by accomplishing that. As a Swiss civic amphitheatre in France, it was acutely even added of a chance to win a clash like this in my home country. It was fantastic," said the Geneva-born keeper, afore abacus with a smile: "We’ve got a Brazilian coach. I anticipate he owes us a samba for this …!"

Unfortunately for the team, the man in catechism – Lyon drillmaster Cristiano 'Cris' Marques Gomes – was accepting none of it if interviewed afterwards the match. "What, me – brawl the samba? Says who – the players? Aboriginal I’ve heard of it! I can’t dance. Sing maybe, but I absolutely can’t dance," he grinned.

His team’s achievement acceptance was abundant to accomplish even Cris wish to dance, sing and bark from the rooftops. Lyon got off to a aerial alpha in the accumulation stages with wins adjoin Independiente Santa Fe and West Ham United, and they maintained their absolute almanac up to – and including – the final.

"We came to Zurich to play a acceptable tournament. We formed absolutely harder and able for this abundant accident appropriate down to the aboriginal detail. And we absolutely took the action to all of our opponents. We were abundantly able-bodied prepared," said the above Brazilian international.

"It’s not simple for the players to accept 40-minute matches. Everything passes by so quickly. We are allegedly the ones who dealt best with the fatigue, and we managed to accumulate abundant in assets until the end. My players accepted how it works appropriate from the actual beginning, and as a coach, all you can do is accede how able-bodied they did. Congratulations to them."

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