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<p>Recently, in Jilin Forest Industry Jinqiao floor group dealers meeting, the group general manager Song Jianlong said,<a href=''>Composite Deck Stain Review</a> will strive to 3 to 5 years to Jinqiao floor group operation as a listed company to complete the forest industry to the overall listing of the task. At present, Jinqiao Flooring Group has become China's first professional flooring company with 5 composite flooring,lumber liquidators patio covers parquet flooring and a laminate flooring factory with total assets of 760 million yuan and more than 3,000 employees. Most of the equipment Import from Germany, Italy. Its products are exported to Europe and the United States, South Korea, Japan, more than 30 countries and regions, is the first product through the EU CE certified company. </p>
<p>Song Jianlong said Jinqiao Flooring Group's goal in 2008 is to continue to expand the scale of enterprises according to the overall strategic plan of Jilin Forest Industry Group and to achieve the acquisition of two solid wood flooring factories in the province.<a href=''>how to clean mold from vinyl railing/fence</a> In addition, Jilin Forest Industry Group has decided to build a flooring industrial park in Changchun Lanjia Industrial Zone, to create a modern floor processing base. Jinqiao Group as a whole after the listing, and then after 5 years of efforts to Jinqiao Group into a large international scale,composite exterior floor tile California the core competitiveness of strong, comprehensive strength among the top listed companies. Marketing a word: "You are two steps earlier than others, you are a martyr; a step forward, you are a hero." </p>
<p>And three solid wood flooring is this state, a few years ago also fell a group. Now look at big cities, like Shanghai, Beijing, including the provincial capital city, people are very high awareness.<a href=''>pricing for pergola materials</a> Because, Jinqiao floor also hope that through the manufacture of non-formaldehyde glue, the three layers of solid wood flooring this category and then push the high-end. Three layers of this structure is a gold structure, very scientific and reasonable, with their own glue on the two layers of glue, and then use the non-formaldehyde glue or some environmentally friendly glue, as we have previously introduced Teel gum, etc., formaldehyde content Are very low, very environmentally friendly. Jilin forest workers Jinqiao floor is export-oriented enterprises,best budget composite decking like European customers are basically required without paint, with pure natural vegetable oil. </p>

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